Wisconsin Forests: Changing Leaves

Just when we thought Mother Nature was going to pass us by, the leaves started to change color! The sunny weekend ahead should make for a glorious play on the new color that’s beginning to surround us. Don’t miss it!


It also means that we’ll be raking our lawns in the near future. Count the number of trees on your property and take into account that the average healthy tree has around 200,000 leaves. Do the math and tell your muscles to gear up! It’s a great way to wipe away the guilt of too many pumpkin spice lattes! Of course, the oak trees will give you a break this Fall and will shed some of their leaves in the Spring once the new leaves push what remains out of the way. Such a deal!


Find a way to get Up North this weekend. You won’t regret what you see! – Wanda Boldon

Views from “Taste of the Trail”


The “Taste of the Trail” event last weekend was a wonderful success and a great part of the whole Harvestfest weekend in Siren, WI! The weather was ideal and the atmosphere at the gallery was a buzz with people enjoying the variety of foods and beverages available. What a great way to support and share the inspirational work they do there! – Wanda Boldon


Auto Time Trials at the Siren Airport Runway


If you drove by the Siren Airport on Hwy 35 last Saturday, you saw a sea of automobile activity! Some classic collector cars were there for show and others were there to prove their speed. It was the first of what may be an annual event – time trial drag racing. The airport was allowed to shut down one runway to use for the speedsters, who were clocked by radar. Racing enthusiasts hope that next year, there will be side-by-side racing for even more excitement. If you love the smells and sounds of burning rubber, you’ll want to put this on your calendar for next year! – Wanda Boldon







Fish Harvest at the Spooner Fish Hatchery


The Spooner Fish Hatchery is having a Fish Harvest Open House on Friday, September 25th from 8:30 – 11:00 am. It’s your last chance to see them harvest fish from the ponds for stocking into lakes this year. They’ll have goody bags for kids and you can take a tour of the Hatchery. If you haven’t done it before, it’s a really great experience for both kids and adults!

The Hatchery Visitor Center is located west of Kwik Trip on the south side of Hwy 70. You can park in the upper lot and walk across the dam. Call the Hatchery Visitor Center if you have questions or need more information at 715-635-4147. – Wanda Boldon

Fall is For Foodies in Northwestern Wisconsin: Part II

The 6th Annual “Taste of Siren” will be held at the Lakeview Event Center, just North of Siren on Hwy 35 on Thursday, September 24th from 5-8pm. Proceeds support the Domestic Animal Wellness Center and Wildlife Rescue. Tickets are just $20 per person or $35 per couple for “Tastes” from local dining establishments and select wine, brewery and beverage businesses! They’ll have raffles, games and auctions along with live music. It’s a fun night and a great way to participate in Siren’s Harvestfest!

If you’re looking for something more “homespun”, you have to check out the 13th Annual Jackson Firefighter’s Chili Cookoff! This year it will be held Saturday, October 10th from 6-9pm. This is always a fun and lively event, with great entries and is at the Jackson Fire Hall at the junction of County Hwy A and C. There is a $5 donation for tasting and no charge to enter. Call Dan at 715-475-8060 if you want to enter. Surely, you have a crazy, good chili concoction you want to unleash and share with the public, yes?

If you’re really in the spirit of food making this Fall, the Farmer’s Market in Siren will have what you’re looking for. It’s in the Tesora parking lot, Saturdays from 1-3pm. The vendors are so friendly and informative about their wares. You can find everything from the traditional varieties of tomatoes to jars of local honey. Sweet! Yes, life is sweeter when you’re Up North! – Wanda Boldon

Fall is for Foodies in Northwestern Wisconsin: Part I


If you like food, make an effort to spend some time in Northwestern Wisconsin this Fall. We have some fun events in the Siren and Webster, WI areas for you!

One event worth your investigation is the first annual “Taste of the Trail” on Saturday, September 26th from 2-5pm. It’s a benefit for Northwest Passage, which is a fantastic residential mental health treatment center for children and families. I can’t say enough about what Northwest Passage offers in the form of hope for these kids and families! Their creativity in finding special ways to treat and heal is so impressive.

The event is at their art gallery – In a New Light. It’s just south of Webster on Highway 35. They have a really pleasant yard and courtyard area where you can gather with friends and family for the afternoon. They’ve arranged to have live music from Ben Tomandl and Lauryl Haye while you enjoy the best that our local eating establishments, wineries and breweries have to offer. The food and beverage vendors will have tented areas in their parking lot and include Tesora Restaurant, North Country Gourmet, Leinenkugel’s, Dancing Dragonfly Winery, Burnett Dairy Cooperative and Saratoga Liquor Company, among others! It sounds like a wonderful way to luxuriate in the beauty of a Fall afternoon Up North and support a special organization at the same time. Ahhh! Find more details at http://tasteofthetrail.org/.

Another aspect of the day is the “Passage Gravel Ride” on the Gandy Dancer Trail, which starts to roll in the morning and offers several different distances based on your skill and desire to ride. You can get more information on the ride at www.passagegravelride.org. – Wanda Boldon

Great Hunting Cabins in Northwestern Wisconsin!

We’re in the midst of a late summer heatwave, with Labor Day weekend temperatures kissing the 90 degree mark! It’s a great time to go jump in the lake! But for forward-thinking types or for those who “live to hunt” or “hunt to live”, hunting season is just around the corner. The bow hunting opener is exactly two weeks away on September 19th!

Fret not! It’s not too late to secure a great property where you can hang your hat for hunting season. We have four properties that just might scratch the itch for you!

MLS#890618 Dewey Tshp $120,000

MLS# 890618 Dewey Township $120,000

This property is near Bashaw Lake in Dewey Township and has 42 acres of beautiful woods and a private wildlife pond. The large, heated and insulated garage/workshop has a wood stove and electric baseboard heat. It’s a great multi-purpose building that could really elevate your hunting experience!

MLS# 880018 Dairyland Township $144,900

MLS# 894173 Dairyland Township $144,900

In the far Northern parts of Burnett County, you’ll find this 80 acre parcel that borders County Land with a 3 season log cabin that has a shower house and an outhouse as well as two heated deer stands. This is not your ordinary “playhouse”!

MLS #889650 Swiss Township $74,500

MLS #889650 Swiss Township $74,500

Not too far away from the log cabin is a more civilized cabin on 5 acres, just outside of Danbury, WI. What makes it a great choice for your hunting camp is the fact that it’s adjacent to County Land and trails. This one also offers a flushing toilet and a fully functional kitchen. Just like uptown!

MLS #886415 West Marshland Township $59,000

MLS #886415 West Marshland Township $59,000

Lastly, we have a charmer near Grantsburg, WI on 10 acres with an additional 10 acres available. This one offers the comforts of a sand point well, wood burning stove, a generator and two wood decks. It’s located in Crex Meadows Wildlife area, where the name should say it all!

Call or email us if you’d like to make an appointment to see any of these great properties. We’re ready! Are you? – Wanda Boldon

Driveway Fix for Washouts


Most people Up North have gravel driveways. They’re rustic and natural looking and are relatively inexpensive to maintain, compared to an asphalt drive. But after all the heavy rains we’ve experienced lately, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about driveway washouts. Yes, when you feel like you’re going to lose your entire car in a washout, it’s time for a repair.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to wear a rut into a gravel driveway. But once the groove is in place, it’s like a runaway train and doesn’t improve on its own. The nice folks at Hopkins Sand and Gravel can bring a load of road gravel for $9.20 per ton for repairs, or – they have a product called recycled asphalt that offers a solution that falls somewhere in between road gravel and a full blown asphalt drive for only $14.90 a ton. It’s recycled asphalt that’s been ground up and is a great stabilizer for the kind of rolling terrain that we see around here. It could be worth trying and your car will thank you! – Wanda Boldon

Sharing the Lessons of Fishing.

I just talked with a client of mine who is a Mom of 3 kids. She said she was out school shopping with her kids this week. I can’t believe it’s that time already! The summer has been so beautiful thus far and it’s hard to think it might be winding down.


As the weather changes and conditions become less favorable for swimming when you come Up North, don’t forget that fishing is a wonderful alternative activity for kids and grandkids. The teaching moments go far beyond “how to bait your own hook”.




On our dock, we talk about the virtues of patience as you wait for “the big one” to come along.



We also have lessons about sharing when one fishing pole appears to be “the lucky one”.


Respect for life and following the rules comes up when the fish is too small to keep and has to be thrown back for more growing.


Keep enjoying the season and don’t stop finding ways to enjoy the bounty of what we have here. We’re so lucky to be able to share it with the next generation! – Wanda Boldon