CENTURY 21 Sand County Services Agents Give Thanks.

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When you live in an area that shows you a beautiful slice of nature at every turn, it’s no surprise that a person would feel thankful to live here. But when I asked a few of our CENTURY 21 agents what made them feel thankful this year, it was more about the people than the place. Here’s what some of them said:

Tom Peterson: “I am thankful for the friendship of loyal and trusting clients. I am also thankful for the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area.”

Trish Needham: “I’m thankful for the amazing people I have met throughout my career; and I’m thankful that I have a career and amazing boss’ that allow me the flexibility to be the best mom I can be and still be successful. :)

Pat Duffy: “I’m thankful for a wonderful wife who loves, as much or more than I do, that we both live and work in this beautiful area.”

Cathy Schmidt: “I’m thankful for the lovely setting that I wake up to each day, and the friendly people who live here.”

As for me – I’m thankful for the lovely people who have come into my life through living in this community and through my work life at CENTURY 21 Sand County Services. Everywhere I turn, I find kindness and thoughtfulness in good, good people. I am blessed many times over! – Wanda Boldon

Kickoff to Christmas in Siren, WI


One of the things I like the most about the Christmas season is the lights. After we do our “falling back” for Daylight Saving, the world becomes such a dark place. It’s wonderful that we have an opportunity to light it back up for the holidays.

We try to do our part here at CENTURY 21 Sand County Services and put up a lighted tree and some battery-lit candles in the windows. But the Village of Siren really knows how to light up your life! The Siren Lions do a fantastic job of lighting up the Crooked Lake Park with their annual lighting display. It signifies the official kickoff to Christmas in the community. If you want to be a part of it, gather at the park on Saturday, November 28th at dusk. They’ll have hot chocolate and cookies and I’m guessing there may even be a few carols sung! That day is also “Small Business Saturday” and there will be all kinds of great holiday surprises throughout the local shops. So you can shop all day, be a part of lighting up Crooked Lake Park and then attend the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Burnett County Veteran’s Park at 5pm. What a wonderful life! – Wanda Boldon

Recreational Properties for Sale: Attention Snow Lovers!

Though we’re currently enjoying some record temperatures today for early November, our minds are never far from thoughts of snow this time of year. You still hear people talking about the “big Halloween snow storm of 1991”. It’s been almost 25 years and yet no one forgets being taken by surprise by 36 inches of the fluffy white stuff in Northwestern Wisconsin!


Although we never know when it will happen, the snow is sure to come. There are plenty of people who are excited to see it pile up too – the folks who love to get out and play in it! If you’re big into snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or just sledding down a slick and bumpy hill, we have the environment that captures your spirit! Right now, we have a few great properties for sale that are notably good choices for snow lovers. Check them out!

Gull Lake - $197,000 - MLS# 891240

Gull Lake – $197,000 – MLS# 891240

This property on Gull Lake of the Minerva Chain of Lakes is very near the Trails and has attached and detached garage spaces to store your sleds.


Minerva garage

Gull Lake Garage

Once you come in from the cold, you’ll be able to warm your whole body in the sauna or just toast your piggies by one of three fireplaces. You’ll be able to invite all your friends, as there is plenty of sleeping space throughout as well.

Gull Lake sauna

Gull Lake sauna

Gull Lake fireplace

Gull Lake fireplace

Snowmobile enthusiasts will love this place in the Fox Ridge Addition to Voyager Village. It backs right up to Trail 41! Score!

Fox Ridge - $120,000 - MLS# 891766

Fox Ridge – $120,000 – MLS# 891766

Fox Ridge Garage

Fox Ridge Garage

Fox Ridge Wood Stove

Fox Ridge Wood Stove

It has an oversized heated garage, so you can easily store and work on your snowmobiles and there is also a nice wood stove in the cabin for taking off the chill.

Meadow Green - $164,900 - MLS# 895328

Meadow Green – $164,900 – MLS# 895328

If you’re more of a quiet sports kind of person, this cedar chalet in the Meadow Green Addition to Voyager Village is a short walk to beautiful, groomed cross country ski trails and the popular Voyager Village sledding hill!

Meadow Green Garage

Meadow Green Garage

Meadow Green Wood Stove

Meadow Green Wood Stove

Store all of your winter equipment in the 3 car garage and walk over to the Clubhouse to use the sauna or have a hot toddy – maybe both!

Highland Trail - $240,000 - MLS# 895496

Highland Trail – $240,000 – MLS# 895496

Overlooking Little Bear Lake, this cedar home offers an opportunity to have a private sledding hill right down to the lake and a perfect spot to carve out your own outdoor ice!

Highland Trail Garage and Bunkhouse #1

Highland Trail Garage and Bunkhouse #1

Be sure to bring enough friends for a competitive hockey game as this place sleeps a small village, with 3 bedrooms in the main home in addition to two bunkhouses above the two detached garages – one of which is heated. Gather around the wood stove to tell stories after dark and do it all again the next day!

Highland Trail Family Room

Highland Trail Family Room

Your inner snow bunny wants to play outdoors this winter. Hop to it and get settled into a fantastic place so you don’t miss a minute! – Wanda Boldon

Prepare Your Property: A Fall Checklist

If you own property Up North, you’re likely in the process of getting things in shape before winter rolls around. So are we! We’ve put together a checklist of things that are commanding our attention. Hopefully it can be a helpful reference in order to avoid any problems in the months ahead. Those who avoid headaches in advance get to play more in the future! – Wanda Boldon

  • -Pull in boats and dock.
  • -Stow away outdoor furniture.
  • -Pull screens from windows, put up storm windows and clear gutters.
  • -Clear leaves and pine needles away from structures.
  • -Stage firewood.
  • -Winterize any pipes or hoses that may be vulnerable to freezing.
  • -Check your heating system to be sure it’s in good working order.
  • -Cover your septic drain field if it’s exposed.
  • -Line up someone to plow snow.
  • -Add reflector rods around the edge of the areas you want plowed.
  • -Find someone to watch your property if you don’t plan to be here.
  • -Keep your property on the market if it’s listed. The first day of Spring is January 2nd.

Wisconsin Forests: Agent Property Tour


Agent life has its virtues! This is the kind of magic environment we get to work in – glowing and pristine Wisconsin forests. Every week we meet to get a guided tour of our newest listings from the listing agent. This week, Tom Peterson showed us a beautiful piece of land near Frederic with the Wood River winding through it. A lucky someone is bound to pounce on this 20 acres for a hunting getaway!

This is the time of year when it’s really easy and fun to show forested land to buyers. The leaves and brush are no longer hiding the terrain and you can really get your arms around what you’re seeing. If you’re interested in looking at a piece of Wisconsin forest for yourself, just let us know. We’d be happy to help you! – Wanda Boldon

Wisconsin Forests: Supply and Demand


46% of the land in Wisconsin is a place where trees grow and 57% of that forested land in Wisconsin is owned by individual land owners – just like you and me! Most of that land is in the Northern part of the state. Aren’t we lucky? Our forests and wooded lands are important to the enjoyment and quality of life that we have here. The beauty of our natural surroundings is what brings people from far away to enjoy the scenic settings and wildlife in our special area.


At the very same time – while we’re all having fun and thanking our lucky stars that we get to live here, Wisconsin’s forest industry is the second largest employer in the state and is the leader of all states in paper production. Our forests and wooded lands are important to our economy as well. Since the average person uses about 1,664 pounds of wood per year – that’s the equivalent of one log that’s 18 inches across and 25 feet long, we should be in business for the foreseeable future. – Wanda Boldon

Wisconsin Forests: Big, Old and Not So Deep


Since most of Wisconsin’s forests were cleared for agriculture or timber in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, most of the mature forests we see today are less than 125 years old. The Civilian Conservation Corps helped reforest by planting thousands of acres of pines across the state.



We owe them a barrel full of thanks because we often see massive white pine trees as we go about our real estate work and they always take our breath away. Buyers feel the same way when they arrive at a property that has one of these “big boys” in residence. They certainly are attention getters! White pines are among the tallest trees we see here and can grow to 120 feet tall and live up to 250 years! Most of a tree’s root system is in the top 12 inches of soil and extends up to three times the height of the tree. So that means many of these monsters are likely tickling the property line of the next door neighbor. Just amazing! – Wanda Boldon


Wisconsin Forests: Changing Leaves

Just when we thought Mother Nature was going to pass us by, the leaves started to change color! The sunny weekend ahead should make for a glorious play on the new color that’s beginning to surround us. Don’t miss it!


It also means that we’ll be raking our lawns in the near future. Count the number of trees on your property and take into account that the average healthy tree has around 200,000 leaves. Do the math and tell your muscles to gear up! It’s a great way to wipe away the guilt of too many pumpkin spice lattes! Of course, the oak trees will give you a break this Fall and will shed some of their leaves in the Spring once the new leaves push what remains out of the way. Such a deal!


Find a way to get Up North this weekend. You won’t regret what you see! – Wanda Boldon

Views from “Taste of the Trail”


The “Taste of the Trail” event last weekend was a wonderful success and a great part of the whole Harvestfest weekend in Siren, WI! The weather was ideal and the atmosphere at the gallery was a buzz with people enjoying the variety of foods and beverages available. What a great way to support and share the inspirational work they do there! – Wanda Boldon


Auto Time Trials at the Siren Airport Runway


If you drove by the Siren Airport on Hwy 35 last Saturday, you saw a sea of automobile activity! Some classic collector cars were there for show and others were there to prove their speed. It was the first of what may be an annual event – time trial drag racing. The airport was allowed to shut down one runway to use for the speedsters, who were clocked by radar. Racing enthusiasts hope that next year, there will be side-by-side racing for even more excitement. If you love the smells and sounds of burning rubber, you’ll want to put this on your calendar for next year! – Wanda Boldon