Homes for Sale in Danbury, WI

Whether you’re looking for a place to call your year around home or a cabin to get away from it all, the Danbury, WI area is a great location! We have some nice options available right now that can meet many of the criteria on your Wish List. Don’t worry if you haven’t told Santa. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect place! Ho! Ho! Ho!

882998 Ham Lake $269,900

882998 Ham Lake $269,900

This cabin on Ham Lake is in the “sweet spot” of our market. Yes, the location is great, but the price point is also right where a lot of lake cabin buyers want to be. The property delivers a lot for the price too! Ham Lake is an ideal recreation lake, with crystal clear water and sandy frontage and the lot…Did I mention the lot??? The “Wow” factor of the lot is definitely there, with mature pines and easy elevation. There is also a vacant lot for sale next to this cabin, in case you have a friend or family member you like well enough to have nearby.

882563 Webb Lake Township $105,000

882563 Webb Lake Township $105,000

If your New Year’s resolution is to find a property where you can earn some sweat equity, this is a great choice for you. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with an attached garage, which is what a lot of buyers are wanting in a year around home. It has great bone structure and is ready for someone to come in and do the “fun stuff”! But wait, there’s more! It’s sitting on 33 acres! Yes, it’s true! What a value!

877469  Swiss Township  $134,900

877469 Swiss Township $134,900

Ready to find a place where you don’t have to do any work or updating, a place where you can just exhale? This Swiss Township property is your match. It’s updated and ever-so comfortable inside. I would even go so far to say it’s adorable! With 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, it could easily be a year around home or just a cabin where you can get away from it all. It’s near Lake 26 and all the trails, so once you’ve collected your energy, you can get outdoors and have some fun!

867704  Viking Hill   $139,000

867704 Viking Hill $139,000

I can’t believe how many people I’ve talked with who have vowed to improve their golf game in 2015. The golf course at Voyager Village is a great place to work on your game. It’s a favorite for so many golfers, with unique, wooded surrounds all throughout the course. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath chalet is just minutes from the club house and is in ideal condition for someone who wants to spend more time with their clubs and less time caulking sinks and laying tile.

880018 Dairyland Township $149,900

880018 Dairyland Township $149,900

Isn’t it time you’ve released your inner Daniel (or Danielle) Boone? If you’re itching to spend more time in the woods, this Dairyland Township property is waiting for you. Not only does it have 80 acres, where you can explore and hunt, but it’s also connected to Burnett County Forest. #getacompass! You can really get back to basics without having to strain yourself too much. The seasonal log cabin has air conditioning, the shower house has on-demand hot water and a nearby privy and the two deer stands are heated. Can you say “trophy buck”?

872777 Minerva Chain of Lakes $189,000

872777 Minerva Chain of Lakes $189,000

There’s a song out now called “Cool Kids” by Echosmith that makes me think of this property. How does that translate to lake property, you say? After spending almost 20 years with buyers looking at lake properties, I have a solid idea of the most popular lakes – the “cool kids”. The Minerva Chain of Lakes is definitely one of the most popular. If you have an itch, it’ll scratch it. Being able to boat between all of the lakes is an incredible experience that could easily fill a day’s worth of activity. There are ideal fishing environments, ideal swimming environments, ideal nature observation environments and ideal water sports environments. This year around lake cabin is ideal for another reason too – the pricing! Getting a place on the Minerva Chain for this price is a crazy, good thing. Run, don’t walk!

If you’d like to see any of these properties, give us a call or send us an email. We don’t care if you’re on the “naughty” or “nice” list and we’re here to help you, no matter the season! – Wanda Boldon

Christmas at the Fort in Danbury, WI


It’s the final weekend of Christmas at the Fort, “A Northwoods Noel”. It’s a terrific, festive atmosphere and an annual favorite for adults and children that you won’t want to miss! You don’t need to go with children to enjoy yourself, but if you have one or a few children to take, you’ll be glad you did. Dress to be outdoors. You’ll want to see and do everything, including the horse drawn sleigh rides.



Be sure to go with a hungry tummy. There are many great things available for sale to eat! Eat something while you’re there and then visit the bake sale for something to take home. The prices for food and activities are very nominal. Last weekend was a brimming success and this weekend will likely be the same! – Wanda Boldon


Holiday Happenings in Wisconsin Lake Country!

“Holiday Fest” at A&H was a great success last weekend in spreading holiday cheer to many children who were in the area. Once Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived, all hands were on deck to make sure the Christmas wishes of all the children in attendance would be heard. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! – Wanda Boldon

A stylish arrival for Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus

A stylish arrival for Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus


Combine a Property Hunt with a Medallion Hunt!

If you plan to be in the area tomorrow – at your cabin or looking at homes for sale in Danbury, WI, you can also sprinkle in some holiday fun! “Holiday Fest” at A&H includes something for young and the young at heart alike. Make your way to the Scott Town Hall from 2-5pm for food and refreshments, holiday crafts, a coloring contest, fire truck tours and the arrival of Santa (on a fire truck, no less) at 2:30pm. You can get a photo with Santa after he arrives as well! Then, you can participate in the Medallion Hunt, which offers a prize package worth over $200.00. Clues will be posted daily at the A&H Country Market and at other area businesses, starting Saturday, December 6th. What fun! –Wanda Boldon

Trail Update

Here is a Trail Update from Burnett County Forest and Parks.
ALL Snowmobile/Winter ATV Trails are CLOSED.
Portions of the Frozen Ground ATV Trail System are OPEN. Read below:
All snow trails are currently CLOSED at this time. We do not have enough snow cover to open our trails, and the majority of the swamps are not yet frozen.

The majority of the Frozen Ground ATV Trail System is open however, trail #130 and the portion of trail #151 from trail #45 to #118 will remain CLOSED. Frozen Ground Trails are marked with GREEN blazers and are shown on the back of the snowmobile map. Only registered machines meeting the state definition of an ATV or UTV are allowed on this trail system.

Please be aware that there is a Muzzleloader Deer Season from December 1-10.

Local Declaration: Burnett County is the North Pole

Webster Ace Hardware Santa

Webster Ace Hardware Santa

Webster Ace Hardware has declared it so: Burnett County is the North Pole. I’m not one to argue with good common sense. The icicles hanging from the roof edge of my home and the wool socks that feel so good in my boots are additional signs. Plus we have more snow on the way tomorrow and our high temperature on Thanksgiving is said to be 13 degrees. So there you have it – Thanksgiving Greetings from the North Pole! -Wanda Boldon

The Last Sign Day of the Season


Rob the Sign Man

Rob the Sign Man

Our gorgeous gold post signs are installed at our new listings each week by a strong and fearless Sign Man. But there comes a time when the ground starts to freeze and we’re no longer able to install them. That time has come and this was the last week we were able to install our prominent post signs for the season. In the meantime, we’ll use other kinds of signage to mark our new listings until Spring brings a thaw that allows us to plant a “little bit of gold” for our sellers. They certainly look sharp against the snow! – Wanda Boldon

Properties for Sale Near Snowmobile Trails!

If the idea of the mounting snow levels excites you, you might want to find a property that’s near the snowmobile trails for easy access to your passion! We have a few great places available right now and in a variety of price points. Check them out! Just click on the photo for more information and more photos of the property. – Wanda Boldon

882815 Hanscom Lake $335,000

MLS# 882815 Hanscom Lake $335,000

881462 Blaine Township $164,900

MLS# 881462 Blaine Township $164,900

MLS# 877469 Swiss Township $134,900

MLS# 877469 Swiss Township $134,900

MLS# 879393 Webb Lake Township $46,000

MLS# 879393 Webb Lake Township $46,000





First Major Snowfall for Northwestern WI


Is anyone ever emotionally prepared for the first snowfall…especially when it’s a major winter storm? We may not have been emotionally prepared, but most people were physically prepared. When you live in the Northland, you know to be ready for anything by Halloween. And so – the snow plows, snow blowers, shoveling muscles and snow gear have all been put to the test!


I’m one to always look for the silver lining, but will have to say that I’m still looking. I’ll find it though. It’s always there. I think it’s under a pile of snow right now. – Wanda Boldon


Aldo Leopold: The Man Behind Our Name

Highway Marker on I-94 Honoring Aldo Leopold

Highway Marker on I-94 Honoring Aldo Leopold

Our clients and customers often wonder why our company is named Sand County Services. I went to college at the University of Wisconsin in Madison where students are introduced to a professor, author and environmentalist Aldo Leopold. His most famous book is called “A Sand County Almanac”. It’s a series of essays describing the environment around his cabin near the Wisconsin River, north of Madison. It reminded me of our family cabin on Prinel Lake, here in Burnett County.

When my parents, the founders of our company, moved here in 1984 to start a new life “Up North,” I gave them a nice copy of “A Sand County Almanac” for Christmas. As they explored ideas for starting a business as property managers and real estate sales, they were looking for a name. They wanted to have a name that described the area and did not specify the location, so they could expand the business in the future to the neighboring counties.

I suggested Sand County Services. The description in Aldo Leopold’s writings of the sandy soil, lakes, rivers, wildlife and nature was very similar to this area. I encourage anyone who loves nature to pick up a copy of “A Sand County Almanac” to enhance your view of our area. – Dave Boldon, Jr.