Properties for Sale with Great Porches

Porch sitting is a fine sport and it’s even better when you do it Up North! It’s a place you can enjoy morning to night – coffee to cocktails. It’s a place where you can enjoy listening to bird songs and exchange bright ideas with no buzzing noises hovering around your ears. There is no sunscreen or bug spray required!

We have a few properties for sale in the Danbury and Siren areas with great porches. If you picture yourself enjoying the spaces, click on each photo for more information and let us know if you’d like to take a look in person! – Wanda Boldon

1.189900 Bass Lake Swiss

MLS# 892284 Bass Lake $189,900

1.197000 Minerva Chain Lakes Gull

MLS# 891240 Minerva Chain of Lakes $197,000

1.Mud Hen Lake 299000

MLS# 888132 Mud Hen Lake $299,000

889789 Treasure Island $69,900

MLS# 889789 Treasure Island $69,900

The Legacy of Fishing.


We have hundreds of great lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin and on any given day, there is someone out fishing. The iconic fishing lakes like Yellow Lake, Clam Lake and Big McKenzie Lake are popular destination lakes for fishing. But our smaller less known lakes support a good fish population as well.

In a national study, people who participate in fishing do so because they have positive memories associated with spending time immersed in nature. They continue to participate in fishing because they feel it’s relaxing, they love catching fish and they enjoy the outdoors.


The study also showed that 84% of fishing enthusiasts participated in fishing as children, before the age of 12. So if you have any children in your life who need you to bait their hook, keep up the good work. You’re creating the future of fishing! If you’re looking for a good place to take kids fishing, the Wisconsin DNR says that one of the best places for fishing with kids is the Crooked Lake Fishing Pier in Siren, WI. There is also a nice picnic area at the Crooked Lake Park where you can take a break and get fortified. Isn’t summer fun? – Wanda Boldon

Summer Fun in Northwestern Wisconsin

Aside from playing in the water, fishing and getting an occasional ice cream cone at the Burnett Dairy Cheese Store in Alpha, there are a myriad of fun things to do in our area this summer! Here are a few to choose from!

Siren Music in the Park – every Thursday night from 6:30-8:30pm, you can hear a variety of live music at the Bandshell in Siren’s Crooked Lake Park.

Burnett County Farmer’s Market – every Saturday from 1:00-3:00pm in the Siren Senior Community Center parking lot

39th Annual Watercross Championship – July 17-19th in Grantsburg’s Memory Park

Gandy Dancer Fly-In/Drive-In – July 18th at the Burnett County Airport outside of Siren, WI

The Great Fur Trade Rendezvous – July 24-26th at Forts Folle Avoine on the Yellow River

Siren Summerfest Days – July 30-August 2nd in Siren, WI

Loon and Chicks.

Ham Lake Loons photo by John Ingalls

Ham Lake loons
photo by John Ingalls

Our friend John was quick enough to get a photo of our loon and its chicks. They are growing fast and we are delighted that they have escaped the talons of the eagles, who also live on our lake. The current theory of “why” the loon chicks have survived is that the eagles did not have babies this year and so there are less mouths to feed. Could be true! We don’t have a better explanation, so we’re going to go along with it! – Wanda Boldon

Debunking a Long Held Loon Myth.


Recently, we were boating with friends and came upon an adult loon with a loon chick on its back. It was incredible how close we were able to get to them! After 20 years of watching the loons on our lake, I’d only seen this “piggyback” ride in pictures, not in person. This kind of awe and appreciation for what we have here never gets old and it brought on a discussion about loons in general. Being the romantic-minded person that I am, I’ve always swooned over the notion that loons mate for life. It’s something you hear people say out loud as they put their hand on their heart with respect. This particular night, however, my friend Jim informed me that a recent study, where they banded loons has shown that loons DO NOT mate for life. He’d read about it in the latest “Wisconsin Natural Resources” magazine. I didn’t hear anything else he said after that because all I could hear was a loud popping noise. It was the sound of my bubble bursting. – Wanda Boldon

Black Bear in Siren, WI

office bear

Amidst all the road construction clattering right outside the doors at our CENTURY 21 Sand County Services office in Siren, this black bear felt at ease sauntering through our parking lot and yard. Although we’ve already had many black bear sightings this year, it was kind of incredible to look up and have one wandering right outside our windows at work.

office bear 2

Even though your knee-jerk reaction is to be alarmed, black bears are shy and mostly just looking for food. (I tend to be in that same mind-set, myself!) I tell my customers that they should feel lucky if they spot a black bear because of the fact that they are so shy and will typically run away when they’re startled. When you consider that only 61 people have been killed by a black bear since the year 1900 in North America, your chances of being killed by a domestic dog, bees or lightning are much greater. (I know – tell that to the 61 people…) But if you find yourself in a face-to-face situation with a bear, just wave your arms and speak. That should be all it takes to make them run. I had one cross the road in front of me while I was on a walk this Spring. After a brief pause, I reminded myself that it wasn’t waiting in the woods to jump out and get me. I continued on my walk, but I did start singing loudly and clapping my hands. That went on for about 20 minutes, just to be sure! – Wanda Boldon

Giant Leopard Moths in Siren, WI

resized photo


This beautiful “bug” was spotted on the deck at our office and drew a lot of attention. It’s  a Giant Leopard Moth with a 3 inch wing span. Underneath this stunning black and white facade is an equally striking color story – a bright blue body with reddish-orange bands! We had to ask ourselves why this lovely moth was drawn to our office. Once we understood that dandelions were a favorite on their meal plan, it all made sense! Our lawn has more than a few of those! – Wanda Boldon

Cabins for Sale with Sandy Frontage

This is what you're looking for!

This is what you’re looking for!

There are a lot of cabins for sale in Northwestern Wisconsin. But if you’re specifically looking for lake property for sale with nice swimming frontage – a hard sand bottom on a clear water lake, how do you sift through the real estate listings to find a good match? Read on and you’ll find some great options! We have several properties for sale in Burnett County, in a wide range of prices that will meet your criteria. Go ahead and click on each picture for more information.

Not only is this cabin on Clear Lake affordable at $139,900, it’s close to all the fun that’s available in Siren, WI.

882761 Clear Lake $139,900

882761 Clear Lake $139,900

You can bring the whole water volleyball team to this cabin on Hanscom Lake. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a large family room with a bar.

886498 Hanscom Lake $199,000

886498 Hanscom Lake $199,000

A gorgeous cedar chalet and the prestige of Devils Lake add up to a winning combination. This is a dream property!

887382 Devils Lake $479,000

887382 Devils Lake $479,000

Long loved by many generations of families, Webb Lake is still a destination in the Danbury, WI area that stirs up memories. This vintage cabin fits right in.

888046 Webb Lake $124,900

888046 Webb Lake $124,900

Mud Hen Lake is under 2 hours from the Twin Cities and since this place is like new, you can spend all of your time in the water!

888132 Mud Hen Lake $299,900

888132 Mud Hen Lake $299,900

Once owned by a Senator from Missouri, this vintage log home on Big Sand Lake is not only charming, it’s also sophisticated.

888986 Big Sand Lake $319,000

888986 Big Sand Lake $319,000

Level elevation and just steps from the water, this Nicaboyne Lake cabin is uber affordable at $119,000.

889450 Nicaboyne Lake $119,000

889450 Nicaboyne Lake $119,000

Middle McKenzie is another prestigious lake with level elevation. You can’t go wrong with a cabin on this lake!

890563 Middle McKenzie Lake $197,000

890563 Middle McKenzie Lake $197,000

Having sandy frontage on a clear water lake has been a recurring theme with many of the buyers I’ve worked with lately. I can’t say how many times I’ve heard, “I just want to float at the dock with a drink in my hand.” Understood! If you’re searching for a lake cabin and have been dreaming of that same thing, we can help make your dream come true! – Wanda Boldon

Life on the Lake in Northwestern WI!

Summer 2015 is underway in the Northland and life on the lake couldn’t be a more welcome thing! Whether you like to take it easy on your pontoon boat (a floating living room!), brush up your water sports skills on skis or socialize with family and friends, it’s time to get back on the water and soak up the beauty that Northwestern Wisconsin lakes have to offer.


We have hundreds of natural, clear water lakes, so you don’t have to look very far to find a great outdoor experience. It’s truly a morning to night activity. You can start your day early by fishing for bass or pan fish. Sun yourself midday while reading one of the highly recommended books for this summer. Meet with friends on the lake in the afternoon for the cocktail hour. Make sure you have a large enough cooler that is well stocked because you won’t want to pull off the lake for dinner! As the moon rises, take a slow cruise around the lake and count the number of campfires you see. What a glorious life! If you haven’t taken in the fun and beauty available on our lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin, you’re missing the boat! – Wanda Boldon


The Turtles are on the Move Again!



The turtles of the Northland are on the move again, looking for a suitable place to lay their eggs. They’re known to travel large distances from water to find a nesting location. This painted turtle thought the end of our driveway was a good place for the job. If you see a turtle crossing the road, give them a break and try to avoid them if you can safely do so! They’re a wonderful part of the mix of wildlife that we enjoy here. – Wanda Boldon