WRA Winter Convention

Every other year, the Wisconsin Realtors Association hosts a Winter Convention in Lac du Flambeau, WI. It’s a great opportunity to share and learn from other agents in the state. It’s also a great opportunity to take Continuing Education classes live and in person. Online classes can only go so far in conveying new and great ideas. The interactions that happen in a live class really bring the topics….well….alive!




A few of us from CENTURY 21 Sand County Services attended the convention and took advantage of the classes that were offered. It was clear that we weren’t the only ones who thought it was a great opportunity. The classrooms were filled to maximum capacity!


We met some sharp CENTURY 21 agents from that part of the state and took some time to compare notes on the market conditions in their area versus ours. They also work in a recreational market, filled with well loved, world class lakes and it was interesting to learn that we are likely rebounding better from the economic downturn as a comparison to what they are experiencing. They felt we were lucky to be just 2 hours from the Twin Cities, making it so much easier for people to get to their cabins. We couldn’t agree more!

C21 booth

Our thanks to the WRA for sponsoring such a valued event! – Wanda Boldon

You Can See Clearly Now!


Land in Danbury, WI

If you’re looking to purchase property that involves wooded land, it’s a great time of year to get your arms around the terrain. You can see the lay of the land so well right now! This is a nice window of time to do it, while the ground is frozen, leaves are down and there are no bugs.

Even if you’re not looking to buy, go for a walk and take a look into the woods. Or even better, strap on some snow shoes and go for a walk IN the woods! You’ll be surprised at the rolling terrain that exists around you. – Wanda Boldon

2016 Ice Fishing Contests

There are several opportunities to get outdoors this winter in Northwestern Wisconsin and have some fun ice fishing AND potentially win some money! All three upcoming ice fishing contests offer cash prizes for fish caught and door prizes galore. Get them on your calendar!

The landing at Burlingame Lake

The landing at Burlingame Lake

The 38th Annual Danbury Lions Club and Frederic Masonic Lodge Ice Fishing Contest on Burlingame Lake is January 30th from 10am – 3pm. Call 715-244-3403 for more details.

The Webb Lake Ice Fishing Contest is February 6th at the Oak Ridge Inn on Lower Webb Lake. Call 715-259-7844 for more details.

The American Legion Ice Fishing Contest on Big Wood Lake in Grantsburg is February 13th from 9am – 2pm.

It’s no lottery, but you can’t catch a fish if your bait isn’t in the water! – Wanda Boldon

Don't go it alone! Enlist some friends for your fishing fun!

Don’t go it alone! Enlist some friends for your fishing fun!

Free Fishing Weekend in Wisconsin

This coming weekend is Wisconsin’s Winter Free Fishing Weekend. Residents and non-residents can fish anywhere in Wisconsin without a license or trout stamp! At this point, our ice appears to be thick enough to get out and fish on the ice, but you can fish from shore as well. All the other rules still apply, like limits on the number and the size of fish you can keep. What a savings!

To go along with the Free Fishing Weekend, the Fish Hatchery in Spooner is offering a free Ice Fishing Clinic for kids. It’s on Saturday from 9:00am-noon at the Visitor Center of the Governor Thompson State Fish Hatchery in Spooner. It’s for kids 5-15 years old who come with an adult and they’ll be showing the kids basic ice fishing skills, gear needed, fish identification and how to fillet the fish you catch. The class size is limited, so call 715-645-2526 right away to sign up or go to www.spoonerhatchery.com for more information. Keep your tip up and your bait in the water! – Wanda Boldon

C21 Agent Pat Duffy Networks with Snow Expert John Dee

snow cam

John Dee is a private meteorologist who lives in the UP of Michigan and loves snow for the beauty and fun it brings to our lives. After a short stint working for the National Weather Service, he set out on his own to focus on his passion – providing custom weather forecasts related to snow. He feels he can provide a higher end, more accurate forecast than the National Weather Service and has become the “go to” for anyone who is serious about their snow!

Snow is a factor in our day-to-day work as real estate agents and Dee’s website http://www.johndee.com is bookmarked on several of our computers at CENTURY 21 Sand County Services. Many of our clients care a great deal about snow too – when it’s coming and how much snow will fall. Here’s an example of some of the advanced graphics provided on his website.


One of our C21 real estate agents, Pat Duffy, is a contributor to John Dee’s website. Pat’s own website, http://www.patrick-duffy.com features a snow cam from his backyard. That very same snow cam is a part of the Northwoods Cam Network on John Dee’s website! If you’re looking for a daily check on the snow levels and temperature for this area, you should definitely bookmark this direct link to Pat’s snow cam. http://johndee.com/ncn/webster_ncn.htm He lives in the heart of Voyager Village, which is a great central location for our Northwoods play area. Have some winter fun! – Wanda Boldon

Our Lakes are Frozen – Again!


Mother Nature has made a second attempt at creating the wonderland where we all like to play and we now have ice! I wouldn’t feel good about walking on it just yet though. We could use a little more deep freeze before it gets thick enough to be safe.

If you were planning to play in the snow over the Holidays, it doesn’t look like we’ll have much of the fluffy white stuff for you. But don’t let that stop you from getting outside and taking in some fresh air! The roads are still in pretty good walking shape, so you can walk to your heart’s content! Merry Christmas! – Wanda Boldon


Fine Dining at Fresh Start Coffee Roasters


Fresh Start Coffee Roasters has made a great name for themselves in the hometown coffee café business. Zac Benson and his wife Lisa built the business from the (coffee) grounds up and it’s become a favorite stop on Main Street in Webster, WI for locals and second home owners alike.

One thing a lot of people may not know is that Zac is a professionally trained chef and has been at the helm of some pretty special restaurants in his time. So when I began my quest for a unique venue for the CENTURY 21 Sand County Services Christmas Party, I took my best sales pitch to Zac and asked if he could put together a great party experience for my team. I wasn’t sure if he would even consider it, since it’s a bit outside of the box of what they do at their shop. Well I don’t know if I’m smart or just lucky, but he said he would! And did he ever!



We arrived to find the place transformed into our own private space for the evening. Zac and Lisa had every detail in place including a multi-level appetizer table, chilled beverages, holiday music and a beautiful table setting. I was so proud to welcome my crew when they arrived.

Pork tenderloin with smoked potatoes and caramelized brussel sprouts with bacon

Pork tenderloin with smoked potatoes and caramelized brussel sprouts with bacon

Beef short ribs with creamy polenta and roasted root vegetables

Beef short ribs with creamy polenta and roasted root vegetables


The food was among the best we’ve ever had – perfectly prepared, seasoned and plated. How exciting to have such a great experience in Webster, Wisconsin! The good news is Zac and Lisa are open to doing more of this kind of service. So if you find yourself in need of a special party venue, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them. I’d definitely consider you smart AND lucky! – Wanda Boldon