Use Your Skills.

We are under a winter weather advisory today until 4pm. Light snow is supposed to fall all day. You should be able to get around on the roads if you take it easy and slow down a bit. The good news is the snow has freshened the whole world and it’s white, bright and beautiful!

Watch the Weather

For those of you coming Up North for the weekend, keep an eye on the weather. At this point, we are under a Winter Weather Watch, with freezing rain, ice and snow accumulations that are supposed to stretch throughout the weekend. I don’t like dangerous weather, but I am glad that we are in line …

And Another.

Another offer was written and accepted today. We are just thrilled! Hopefully this 2010 market will continue to produce. I know there are a lot of people waiting to get their slice of heaven Up North. This may be the best time ever to do it!

Winter Wonderland.

I’m sure the Christmas snowstorm took a little “Ho, Ho, Ho” out of some Christmas plans and put a bunch of “Heave, Ho” in. Even so, we were able to take the whole family across the county on Christmas Eve in two trucks – gifts, food and wine, car seats, high chair, diaper bag, 8 people and …