Thirty Years in the Making!

A brown box arrived in the mail this week. We weren’t expecting anything, but it didn’t seem unusual. From time-to-time, packages arrive and then our memory is sparked with what’s inside. But sometimes our memory isn’t sparked. Whatever. That’s when you just open the darned thing and find out. (Perhaps sing a little tune while opening. “Happy Birthday” comes to mind.)

After we opened the box, we were silent. Could it be? Thirty? Years? Well, it certainly said so on the piece of fancy hardware that we pulled out of the box! It must be true.


So there, we’ve said it – WE’RE THIRTY YEARS OLD! Well, ahem – not me. But the firm is thirty years old. It feels kind of good to say out loud, like when a three year old announces to you that they’re three. It feels that kind of good!

Dave Boldon, Broker, CENTURY 21 Sand County Services, Inc. "Thirty Years Old"

Dave Boldon, Broker, CENTURY 21 Sand County Services, Inc. “Thirty Years Old”

A lot of things got their start in 1988, like Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign and “The Wonder Years” television show. We’re the same age as British singer/songwriter Adele and we were all singing (or plugging our ears) to Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” thirty years ago.

A lot of great things have happened at CENTURY 21 Sand County Services over the last 30 years. Perhaps the greatest things we can cite are the thousands of interactions we’ve had with people to help them transition to the next stage, whether it be to sell a property or to buy one and become a part of our special life here. And so, we will keep asking ourselves the question and keep asking our clients the question, “Are We There Yet?” and look forward to opening another mystery box even farther down the line. ~ Wanda Boldon

What is Vintage vs. Dated?


Determining whether your home has vintage versus dated style can be a fine line, and in many regards, much in the eye of the beholder. To that, some may say, “Who cares? It is what it is. My home is just like me – aging like a fine wine.”

That may be true. If that’s the case, we would call you and your home “classic”. If you think about defining “classic”, a few things come quickly to mind – Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress, the Ford Mustang and a Friday Night Fish Fry.



But more likely the case for you AND your home, is that it’s not so cut and dried. Think about John Travolta’s bell-bottomed pants in “Saturday Night Fever”, Chrysler’s PT Cruiser and Jello salad – all interesting and unusual. A person could do something with each, in the right context, and if you felt like it. But they’re not for everyone.



Such is the case with homes and cabins. In an area like ours, many properties have classic elements like knotty pine walls, stone fireplaces and log accents. These things have defined our Northwoods life for years and stood the test of time. But for those who dared to think outside the box, in the name of style when they built or made decorating choices, the jury is out. And who exactly IS the jury? It’s the buyer of your property. You will be judged. After the judgement, you will either be rewarded or penalized. Yes, we’re talking money now.


Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling, this is a relevant topic. For sellers, it’s an opportunity to look at your property with fresh eyes and determine what can be changed or updated to help your property show beautifully. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of playing up the right features. Sometimes it’s a large renovation. Rely on a real estate professional to help you understand what makes sense for your property and the current market. They can help you make good choices so that you are ultimately rewarded in the end.


If you’re a buyer, you can also rely on a real estate agent to help you envision the possibilities in a property. Depending on your end-game, skills and comfort level, you could do well by making some simple changes to a property that doesn’t really shine right now. We also often find buyers who are looking for a specific kind of lot in a specific kind of location. It can be frustrating to wait years and years for the right kind of lake home to come for sale on the right kind of lake. Try seeing things with different eyes and you may start to see some exciting possibilities.

MLS #1525070, Bone Lake Drive, $198,000

MLS #1525070, Bone Lake Drive, $198,000

MLS #1525070, Bone Lake Drive, $198,000

MLS #1525070, Bone Lake Drive, $198,000

The place where you dwell is ultimately a very personal space. It should feel good to YOU and suit the kind of environment that you choose. But when the place where you dwell becomes a marketable item, you have other things to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to hear the truth. Once you know the truth, you can make decisions from a better place. ~ Wanda Boldon

Leaf Peepers – Come Out, Come Out!


We survived a week of rain, wind, cold and s***. It’s over. Now the coast is clear to come enjoy what Mother Nature has created this Fall season – the beautiful colors! Fret not. The masterpiece was not destroyed with last week’s weather. It’s still here, waiting to be appreciated.









After you absorb the luscious surrounds in the crisp autumn weather, you may find yourself wanting to find a road that leads to a special place where you can kick off your boots and warm yourself by the fire. If that urge occurs, we’re here to help you find it! Contact us and let’s get started! ~ Wanda Boldon


Great Properties for Sale: Acreage & Privacy on Water


Winter is coming (as they say) and one good way to turn that frown upside down and keep the fire alive is to create something fun, fresh and exciting to look forward to. For instance, a private getaway in the Northwoods; something so private you can’t see your neighbors, something on a quality lake that will be there for you when the ice melts, something that’s “just” big enough, but not too much to take care of. Well listen up, Scout. It’s within reach!

It’s a rare thing to find a lakefront property with acreage. It’s even more rare to find it on a quality lake with sandy frontage. Add to all that, it’s practically impossible to find one where the cabin isn’t a falling down wreck and is usable in all four seasons. And you want ALL that, in an affordable price range? (Queue the crowd laugh track.)

This time, YOU get to have the last laugh. We have two incredible options for you.

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

MLS 1508582 Nicaboyne Lake, $259,900

Welcome to Nicaboyne Lake, with 9 acres of land and an additional 32 more acres available. The cabin has 2 bedrooms and 2 additional sleeping areas in the lower level. It has a steady-eddie gas forced air furnace to keep you cozy and warm in addition to a wood burning brick fireplace. Hunt out your back door and then jump on the snowmobile trails to expand your horizons.

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

MLS 1519301 Bass Lake, $299,000

Your next option is a 6.2 acre property on Bass Lake. The cabin has been recently remodeled and has a knotty pine interior with 2 bedrooms and a wood stove to supplement the forced air furnace. If you have a group of friends tagging along, they can take up residence in the bunkhouse for the weekend. The deer stand is already in place for hunting season. If you’re not into that, use it as a fort where you write the score for your next screen play.

Give us a call to make an appointment and take a look at these two beauties. We’ll help you get your hands on the one that suits you best. All the fun that happens after that is up to you! ~ Wanda Boldon


Labor Day Weekend: A Time for Kickoff

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, we find ourselves poised in the starting blocks of the Fall selling season. The Fall market has traditionally, year after year, been the most productive time in our calendar year. We don’t see any reason that this year will be any different!

At Summer’s end, we often have people look at us with sympathetic eyes saying, “You must be ready for things to slow down a bit, now that Summer will be ending.” There is no quick reply that. But the short story is, we’re excited and invigorated to accomplish as much as we can in the coming months.

What better way to head into the big season than with a beautiful new listing on the Minerva Chain of Lakes? Whether your looking to buy or not, we welcome you inside to take a look. This tour makes you feel like you’re there. If you want to see more, just let us know. One of our CENTURY 21 agents would be glad to show it to you personally!

MLS# 1523451 Minerva Chain of Lakes $495,000

MLS# 1523451 Minerva Chain of Lakes $495,000

MLS# 1523451 Minerva Chain of Lakes $495,000

MLS# 1523451 Minerva Chain of Lakes $495,000

Where one person sees an end, another sees a beginning. Happy Labor Day weekend! ~ Wanda Boldon

Septic Vent Pipe. There’s a Wrap for That.


For years, people have been trying to hide, camouflage and dress up the signs of utilitarian necessities around their homes. There’s the famous wishing well placed over the well head. The fancy ones are sometimes adorned and laced with silk flowers. You’ve certainly seen the barrel sized flower pot placed over the septic cover, or at the very least, a painted re-“tired” ring that corrals a bevy of petunias. My favorite is the virgin Mary propped inside a bath tub. Though I’m not sure if she’s hiding anything, but perhaps just protecting. It’s a telling sign that folks just want to drive into their properties and feel pleasant about being home.


Up to now, there hasn’t seemed to have been a proper cover for a septic pipe vent. You’ve seen it. It’s the bright, white pvc pipe emanating from your peaceful and serene wooded environment. It’s not exactly how Mother Nature intended things to be. Well now there’s a genius, easy to install, economical way to hide that nagging septic field from your moments of Zen.


Kevin Hughes, inventor of the Septic Vent Pipe Cover says the idea came to his attention at his property near Johnson Lake. He felt moved to make it after seeing a white tail deer out the window, beside an unsightly vent pipe.


The covers come in an array of Northwoods friendly patterns like red fish, camo and crappie (of course) and a variety of lengths, depending on the size of your system. The website where you can purchase covers was just launched – It’s the perfect stocking stuffer, so you’ll want to load up for the holidays. Just think of the lively conversation that will ensue! ~ Wanda Boldon

Are We There Yet?

Picture this: You’re a couple of months away from kicking off your big season. The team is tuned up; playing sharp, healthy and looking good. You have a tingling in your bones that you just may have this game figured out. You could take it all the way. Maybe someday, someone will even come to you for lessons on how it’s all done. Then the phone rings. It’s the home office. They’re calling to tell you the team colors are changing and so is the logo. Everything needs to be turned and churned. And they tell you not to worry – you’re going to love it and that you will even thank them someday. Nausea rises. What’s this going to do to the team…and the FANS?


Yup, that’s kind of how it felt when we received the word this winter; CENTURY 21, our trusty and beloved franchise was changing its logo and colors. They called it a rebranding and modernization of our brand’s image. At first knowledge, the blood drained out of our faces – just a little bit. Then we may have grumbled and said a few choice words – just a little bit. But then the more we let the news sink in, the more it began to grow on us. We might even thank the home office one day – just a little bit.


20180806_091320And so, the turn and churn is underway. The new, more smart, sleek and sophisticated color palette along with the new C21 seal replace the old black and gold colors and logo. It’s not just symbolic, it’s a real opportunity for us to set a new bar, to shine through and to show what it means to be extraordinary real estate agents. It’s an exciting time for our brand and our firm and we accept the challenge: to be relentless, to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences. It’s time for kickoff! ~ Wanda Boldon


Trending: Property Condition & Disclosure

“Septics, Foundations and Flashing – Oh My!” The topic of property condition and disclosure is a hot button for buyers and sellers alike these days. We’re finding that the difference between having a great experience versus a not-so-great experience is very much connected to what’s behind the curtain!

If you’re a buyer looking at a property that someone else has owned and maintained, there can be a lot of mysteries. If you don’t have a lot of familiarity with how things work, especially with rural living, you need someone to help you understand what to look for. That kind of assurance can come from a qualified inspector as well as a real estate agent you trust. You can also refer to what the seller has disclosed in their Real Estate Condition Report.

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

From a seller’s perspective, it may have been years since you’ve sold a property. You may not know how to prepare your property to sell or what kinds of things you should disclose. You too, need someone to help you understand what to look for and what to do. Likewise, that kind of assurance can come from a real estate agent you trust, a qualified inspector and your Real Estate Condition Report.

Are there code violations here?

Are there code violations here?

Inspections are an opportunity for buyers to get to know a property better. An inspector can share maintenance tips to keep a property in good shape. They can point out areas to keep an eye on and they also look for defects. In Wisconsin, it’s not a requirement to have your property inspected before you list it. But we have a recent example of two siblings who inherited the home where their parents lived. They never lived there and didn’t know much about the workings of the place. They chose to get an inspection, so that they could address any major issues (defects) before listing and so that they wouldn’t get blind-sided with problems down the road when a buyer was involved. It served them well. Their buyer had great confidence in the property, which resulted in good feelings on both sides when an Offer to Purchase came into play. Win-win.

Is that dryer vent kosher?

Is that dryer vent kosher?

The Wisconsin Realtors Association has released a new version of the Real Estate Condition Report, which we feel will be beneficial to both buyers and sellers. It’s much more specific so that sellers can understand areas of concern in advance and be clear about what they know. It’s also divided into categories so that buyers can easily zone in on areas that are important to them.

How do I fix this?

How do I fix this?

Talk to your real estate agent. Tell them your concerns and ask them if they see anything that needs to be addressed. Review the Real Estate Condition Report with them and find out what items they feel may be defects and which items fall under the category of maintenance. (“My dog is missing a left foot” is a defect. “My dog needs his nails trimmed” is maintenance.) Your agent should have knowledge and resources to help you put your best foot forward, so that in the end, everyone can lock arms and skip down the yellow brick road together. There’s no place like home! ~ Wanda Boldon

Fishy Weather For the Fourth


This year, the Fourth of July is a “season”, because with two weekends flanking the actual date, it’s hard to know just when to celebrate. So, I believe the answer to the question has become “for 10 days straight”. (You have to count Fridays and Mondays as weekend days for the folks who come Up North, don’t you know!)


Those 10 days are shaping up to be a good time to enjoy another “season” as well – fishing season. The weather and atmosphere have been giving us the classic summer pattern of low pressure to high, humidity to freshness and the fish are biting because of it.


First things first, if you don’t have your fishing license, you can buy one online at the Wisconsin DNR site while you fill your vehicle at the gas station. It’s called the Go Wild program. Go figure.

The Fourth of July is a common time for family and friends to gather, and sharing is caring, as they say. If you have any children at your gatherings, it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to the fun of fishing. Be sure to include some good fish stories so they have some lore to dream about at night as they listen to the loons call from the lake.


You can preserve the special memory of catching their first fish with a “My First Fish” certificate from the Wisconsin DNR site. The certificate allows you to drop in a photo of them with their fish and notes the date, fish species and where they caught it. Adorable!


When it’s time to clean your catch of the day, don’t fret if the dog ate your cookbook. You can find some great recipes and information for eating fresh fish from Wisconsin online at or at Healthy Dishes With Wisconsin Fishes.


So when the sky looks like this, Go Wild, grab your pole and chant, “Here fishy, fishy!” ~ Wanda Boldon

Great Properties for Sale: Lots with Benefits


The dream of building “a little something Up North” is something that lives in a lot of hearts and minds. But the reality of making it happen can be daunting. As with most daunting tasks, just getting started can be the hardest part. What if some of the hurdles of starting were already cleared? We have some solutions so your dreams can come true!

Dream: A small piece of acreage where you can get away, do some hunting and use as a headquarters for ATV riding.

Hurdle: Clearing a building spot, building a road and putting up a structure is hard, time consuming work.

Solution: A 5 acre lot in the heart of ATV country, near hundreds of acres of public land with a heated one room bunkhouse overlooking a canoe and kayaking lake. Did someone say duck hunting?

MLS #1520480 Lost Lake

MLS #1520480 Lost Lake

Dream: A lake place where you can swim, fish and boat with your friends and family.

Hurdle: Time to plan a building project and the funds to accomplish it are not available to you right now.

Solution: A lake lot with improvements in place, like a rustic cabin or bunkhouse!

MLS #1509707 Rice Lake

MLS #1509707 Rice Lake


MLS #1518151 Deer Lake

MLS #1518151 Deer Lake

Dream: A private fishing retreat on water that will eventually become a part of your retirement life.

Hurdle: Lake shore taxes could keep you from being able to afford such a place in your retirement years.

Solution: A lot on the River with quick and easy boating access to a phenomenal fishing has a lower tax bill than being right on the lake!

MLS #1517198 Clam River

MLS #1517198 Clam River

If you’re ready to start living your dream, contact us to see these properties or for more ideas. We’re here to help you clear the hurdles and find solutions! ~ Wanda Boldon