Burnett County Hot Spot!


The Cheese Store in Alpha, attached to the Burnett Dairy Co-op has been a favorite stopping-shopping spot for most all who enter our lakes region via Highway 70. The store is always stocked with a vast variety of  fresh cheeses, fresh homemade pizza, meats, specialty snacks and pantry items. Tom from our office raves about the soft serve cones in the summer and has recently turned us on to the fresh pizzas. I recently had a chance to have a conversation with Cindy Olson, The Cheese Store manager.

How many years has The Cheese Store been open? This location has been open around 20 years. We’re always trying to make changes here and there to make the flow feel good in the store and provide a friendly atmosphere so people can get in and out quickly.

Has the change in the economy affected sales for the store? Yes and no. People seem to be spending less per visit when they come into the store, but we’ve noticed we’ve had an increase in traffic as well.

What is your best selling item? Plain string cheese by far! Fancy jack is a close second though. (The plain string cheese won 1st place in the 2010 World Dairy Expo!)

Are you offering anything new in the store this year? We are trying some new things and are excited about offering longhorn style fancy jack and colby cheese. (Same great flavor with a little different texture.)

Is there anything else to say but “YUM”?

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