Winter Wonderland.

Dscn4518I’m sure the Christmas snowstorm took a little “Ho, Ho, Ho” out of some Christmas plans and put a bunch of “Heave, Ho” in. Even so, we were able to take the whole family across the county on Christmas Eve in two trucks – gifts, food and wine, car seats, high chair, diaper bag, 8 people and a lot of Christmas cheer. It was so important to gather together and celebrate, we just made it work and luckily it did! It was a Christmas challenge and it paired things down to what really meant the most: being together. When you battle the elements with those you love, all the trappings and worries of everyday life fall away and you focus on the basics. That’s so much what this place is all about, Up North. If you haven’t felt the peace of what this place is all about, allow yourself the pleasure. Right now it’s a winter wonderland. Share it with someone you love!

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