Special Details Add Value

We meet special, funny, grateful, loving, giving, creative, industrious People every day in our work. The People are what drive us to work long hours and go the extra mile. When you like and appreciate the People, you do a lot to help them. It feels great to make them happy!

After the People, come the Properties. The Properties we encounter here are varied and unique. Each Property seems to have a soul, with something special about it. But there’s an argument to be made that Mother Nature is what “makes” most of the Properties in our market. The natural features and creatures associated with any given property are the things that bring buyers from far and wide.

Where Mother Nature leaves off, the People step in. They create homes and cabins to suit the location and their needs. When we come across a structure where thoughtful choices were made in the construction and stylish finishes top it off, we giggle, clap and jump up and down. (Well, I do.) These special details are what adds extra value to a property. We have a couple of great examples on the market right now.

This chalet style home on Johnson Lake is a treasure, by all counts. The log features throughout the home tie the interiors together seamlessly and creatively. In addition, the fieldstone featured in the landscaping along with the fieldstone fireplaces in the home marry the inside beautifully to the out.




Switch gears to this traditionally styled home overlooking Birch Island Lake, where choices were made to add to its elegance like a stately covered porch, dormers in the roof line and a sweeping entrance to welcome you home.



We’ve found that sellers who make the choice to add special details like these are rewarded when it comes time to sell. We think the buyers feel rewarded too! – Wanda Boldon