The Spring Market: We’re Here For YOU

Are you in? If so, here are some insider tips you need to know, whether you’re a BUYER or a SELLER, before you take the plunge.

BUYERS, where do you begin? Online, of course! Go to the site that will give you the best, most accurate information, the most photos and easiest interface. For our area, you can’t top the site. Why? Not all companies belong to both the Northwestern Wisconsin MLS and the Twin Cities MLS simultaneously. Therefore, if you’re searching on a Twin Cities based web site or on one of the “big box” sites that miraculously knows everything and yet nothing, you’re missing out on properties. The CENTURY 21 Sand County Services site has a search function that was specifically designed for searches in Northwestern Wisconsin. It pulls complete information from all sources and then boils it down to an interface that helps you get what you want quickly. The map-based search of Northwestern Wisconsin is front and center, so you can quickly see what’s available. Then, you can narrow things down by property type, price range and even a specific lake. Once you find a list of properties that interest you, you can save them for later. You can also monitor new listings as they come on the market. The “new listings” feed is continuously updated so you won’t miss out on a thing!

Next, get an agent involved. Don’t settle for someone who merely has a license to show you property in Wisconsin. Choose someone who is a local expert. You will benefit by getting more complete detailed and background information about the properties you view and will have fewer surprises after the closing. If an agent has to drive over an hour to show you properties, they’re not local and there’s no way they can be experts!

BUYERS, when all is said and done, and you’re ready to go to closing, be aware of one other thing. There is a trend in the industry toward charging buyers a closing fee. Yes. That means your agent charges you a fee for the privilege of working with them. This fee is on top of the commission they’re earning from the sale. If this makes you froth up, you’re not alone. The CENTURY 21 Sand County Services Team does NOT charge a buyer closing fee. None. Not. Nada. We give you full service and nothing less, with no extra charges.

SELLERS, is it time to move on? It’s a very personal and potentially sensitive time, and you need help. Start by finding an agent who you trust and makes you feel comfortable. Listen to your gut on this. But also rely on referrals and previous customer feedback. Do an online search to find out more before you hand over the keys. On top of that, you want a knowledgeable agent who will lead and manage the whole process – someone who will stay in touch with you, someone who has a good rapport with other agents and someone who prepares you for what to expect. That’s not too much to ask.

Next, consider the company’s marketing package. Finding the right buyer for your property is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach. Every property is unique. Seller’s goals are unique. Look to your agent for innovative ideas to personalize the marketing of your property and of course, expect great photography and presentation.

Ask if the firm has dedicated support staff. Find out who will manage the ongoing listing details and who will contact you to coordinate showings.

Lastly, skip forward to the closing process. Does the firm have an in-house closer who prepares the closing documents, including your Deed, who is able to close cash transactions on any day, at any time and personally attends closing along with your agent?

WE DO. At CENTURY 21 Sand County Services, it is our goal to offer you all of this – whether you’re a BUYER or a SELLER. It’s our mission to defy mediocrity and deliver an extraordinary real estate experience. Let us show you! ~ Wanda Boldon

Team CENTURY 21 Sand County Services
Team CENTURY 21 Sand County Services