CENTURY 21 Sand County Services Celebrates 25 Years in Business with the Second Generation.

Current owners - Wanda and Dave Boldon, Jr.
Current owners – Wanda and Dave Boldon, Jr.

Dave and Wanda Boldon, much like Dave Sr. and Faith Boldon before them, took a leap of faith in 1995 to move from the city of Madison to rural Burnett County. Four years later, they bought CENTURY 21 Sand County Services and took the foundation that was laid before into the age of new technology.

Dave worked in real estate for three years in Madison prior to moving to the area. This helped him with the transition of bringing modernization and technology to the company.

When they first began, they were using typewriters, cameras with film and U.S. Postal Service to move documents back and forth. Nothing was fast. Little by little, new technology, databases and the internet helped completely transform the company. Add to that the arrival of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in 1999, which was a major culture change for a rural area.

Though times have changed and CENTURY 21 continually strives to better themselves and their service for their clients and customers with the help of technology, the area has remained relatively unchanged. Balancing this “new vs. old” is something that is unique to our area. Though most customers seek professionalism and highly knowledgeable real estate services, the reasons they continually come to this area have remained the same. According to Dave, one of those reasons is “because of the nostalgic feeling they had as a kid, like summers spent by the lake.”

In 25 years, the heart and soul of this company is still the same today; always striving for professionalism, knowledge, experience, communication and continually trying to better their service. And our area still remains a place of nostalgia that this company tries to emulate for their customers: that feeling of being “Up North”, the beauty and tranquility of our area, and the rural culture we represent.  ~ Abby Ingalls