How to Shop for a Cabin: Part I in a Series

Find the Right Agent

Don’t even think about shopping for a cabin without first finding the right agent. I don’t think a lot of people give this step in the process much priority, because it’s not easy and it’s more fun to be wrapped up in finding “the property”. But having a good agent – the right agent – will help you find your best property and will help the experience be the most positive it can be. Working with the wrong agent can not only cause a chain of negative experiences, but may also keep you from finding a place at all – or worse, buying a place that you don’t even like in the end! Believe me, my life and work have been wrapped up in this profession for 20 years and I know what surrounds me. Not every agent is committed, motivated or even good at what we do. But then there are the gems – and they’re worth finding!

Start the way we start everything nowadays – online! You can size up whether a potential agent is a good match for you by reading their profile, studying their listing inventory and by reading their customer testimonials. In order to get the best knowledge and guidance, you want an experienced agent who does this for a living and isn’t just dabbling part-time. You also want someone who lives and works in the area. Don’t just jump in the car with an agent in St. Paul who says they’re licensed in Wisconsin and come Up North to look at a list of properties. Call me and we’ll have a story hour, where I tell you how that one ends!

Once you’ve narrowed the field, pick up the phone and have a conversation with them about what you’d like to find. You deserve to feel comfortable with your agent and you deserve someone who listens to what you want. Where the skill of a good agent enters is taking what you share and translating it to specific properties that will give you the experience you want. A good agent – the right agent – will also share their knowledge about the area and what can be realistically found in today’s market. This kind of “two way street” relationship is where the best results are achieved and leaves everyone with a smile in their heart at closing! – Wanda Boldon