Behind the Curtain: Sensitivity Training.

New listing - Big McKenzie Lake lot!
New listing – Big McKenzie Lake lot!

Such a robust team! We toured five new properties on Property Tour yesterday with temperatures outside in the single digits. No problem! One of the newest gems is a lake lot on Big McKenzie Lake. We’re pretty excited to have this lot available. Big McKenzie is a top tier lake for recreation and fishing and is a long time favorite for many. So cool! (so to speak!) Speaking of the cold, our high tech hot water heating system with all the zones at home is on the fritz…again. It seems every winter, something needs to be fixed or repaired with the electronics that make that thing run. So true to track record, we are having a part replaced. The heating company we use is wonderful and very responsive. We’ve referred many people to them and have a lot of faith in their skill level with systems like ours.  However, this time, something different happened. We came home from work, hoping to have the heat restored in our house. I was looking forward to a little post-workout couch time in a cozy home complete with modern luxuries like heat. Instead, we found the door standing wide open with the outdoor air flooding into the house. I was so shook! Not only was the house freezing cold, I also had visions of the entire animal kingdom living in my house. That door stood open for most of the day and heaven only knows what we invited in. Grrrrr! After I settled down and reminded myself how much we really do love the heating guys and that they came out to the house right away, I had to use the situation as a sensitivity tool. In our work at CENTURY 21, we are in and out of properties all of the time. As careful as we are, once in a blue moon things can happen. When they do, we are just sick. The last thing we ever want to do is leave a light on or not latch a door. It’s bad, bad, bad. There’s really not much you can say to a person to make them feel better in that case except that you’re very sorry and that you’ll be extra careful that it doesn’t happen again. And that is exactly what our heating company said. I was good with that.

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