Blueberries for Sale in Webster, WI!


If you’re exasperated at trying to pick blueberries in the wild or just simply don’t have the time, there’s a great option right outside of Webster. Squirrel Ridge Farm, owned by Jim and Peggy Tolbert has over 1100 blueberry bushes with individual irrigation systems to keep the blueberries maximally happy!



The bushes are planted in a terraced formation and typically yield around 10 pounds of berries per bush! Wow! The have three types of blueberries and an extensive system to keep birds and wildlife from spoiling their harvest. The berries are hand-picked in late July to early August, so NOW is the time to get your berries. You can buy Squirrel Ridge Farm berries by connecting with them on their Facebook page at . They also have a CSA available with other goodies that come from the Farm including vegetables and bread.


If you have a chance to visit the Farm, you should. It’s a beautiful site on the Yellow River and is incredible to think that they had their wooded acreage cleared the old-fashioned way, with horses. It’s another lucky thing we have in the Northwoods – Squirrel Ridge Farms! ~ Wanda Boldon


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