Seeing Orange on Memorial Day Weekend.


DSCN1194As the traffic flows North for the holiday weekend, many people will be seeing orange – a lot of orange! Yes, road construction season is well underway and we are seeing our fair share of it right here in paradise. The most “in your face” zone for us is right outside the doors of our office. The Highway 70 round-a-bout is under construction and it’s understandably caused a bit of confusion for folks as they drive through. (Is this how the term “circle jerk” was born?) Luckily, there is a turn option that allows you to turn right into our office parking lot. So if you want to come see us, you’ll be able to drive right in. However, if you want to leave, you might hear the tune to “Hotel California” swirling around in your head. Don’t worry though – there is a way out! You can take the frontage road South and jump back on the Highway at Southwinds Plaza. Plan for a one minute delay.


Like road construction and jumpsuits, not all orange is scary though. The scarlet tanagers are back for the summer and they stand out like a lovely flower in the treetops. I was lucky enough to have a moment with one this week as I was walking in the woods near Danbury, WI. Stunning! Keep a look out for orange and have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! – Wanda Boldon