Middle McKenzie Lake Tram Ride

resized tram2

Way before any of us knew how to say “pontoon boat”, glaciers moved through this area to form our lakes, making hundreds of sandy bowls in the ground. Sandy bowls have edges – and some of those edges are higher than others, aka “high elevation”. There are definitely benefits to owning a place with higher elevation versus having a level lot. I live on a lot with some elevation. I like it because I can sit on my deck on a summer morning, still dressed in my pajamas and not worry about putting on a show for the parade of boats that drive by. I’m sure they appreciate that too!

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But some buyers aren’t keen on owning an elevated lot, thinking how hard it will be to trek up and down the stairs with small children and coolers full of refreshments. The wonderful answer to that dilemma is the tram. I’ve seen many iterations of this over the last 20 years. None really inspired me to take a ride. “No thanks, I’ll take the stairs.” The wait is over! I’ve met a tram I can really sink my cooler into!

resized tram


With a 750 pound capacity, offering a smooth, quick ride to the lake, this tram at our newest listing on Middle McKenzie Lake will change the mind of the most adamant “low elevation” person. Click on the link below to take a ride! – Wanda Boldon