Getting Ready for Your Close-Up

Cabin living room with large stone fireplace
This place is ready!

The real estate market in Northwestern Wisconsin is no cookie cutter arena. No two properties are alike. We have recreational properties mixed with year around residences, and sometimes the lines between the two are blurred. As marketers and consultants to our sellers, we approach every property with fresh eyes to imagine the possibilities for its future owner. So, before we even think of introducing a property to buyers, we do a walk through with the owners and make suggestions for changes that could be made to help attract their perfect buyer.

Semi cluttered living space with green couches
Piles of personal items are distractions in photos and for showings.
Cleaner living space with green couches
Now we can focus on the room.
Messy and dangerous items next to oven
Trip hazards, fire hazards, oh no!
Clean space next to oven in living area
Clean and clear.

Whether a property is grand or simple, there are some common-sense things that are universally applied, like reduce clutter and make sure everything is neat and clean – aka clear the decks!

Personal items on sink and shelves
Stow away your personal items – even in the bathrooms!
Clear bathroom sink and clear shelves
This looks ready for a new owner.
Bedroom with items tucked away behind bed
The camera sees everything that’s tucked away in your corners.
Bedroom with clear space around bed
Removing visual clutter is worth the effort!
Front entry hallway littered with items
Hallways can become clutter catchers.
Clean and clear front entry hallway
But hallways can be transformed into open gathering spaces.

Real-life-living looks very different from on-the-market living. But knowing how to prepare a property for its “close up” can leave a lot of sellers scratching their heads. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees! So, we help them understand the kinds of sensible things that can be done to help enhance the presentation of their property. The operative word here is sensible and sometimes that requires creativity. For instance, we will get resourceful and take sellers shopping in their own home. A simple switcheroo of a few furnishings can make all the difference!

Narrow living space with multiple chairs and couches
This mish-mosh of furniture overwhelms the space and detracts from the fireplace.
Cleaned up living space with organized furniture
A few simple furniture moves restores peace and gives the fireplace center stage.
Screened porch with dim lighting and few seating
It’s hard to picture gathering here with family and friends.
Screened porch with brighter light and more seating
Now it says, “Come, one and all!”
Entry room with microwave, fishing poles, and mini bar
Are we catching fish, making cocktails or making breakfast in this entry?
Entry with fishing poles and fishing gear
This has more of a focused purpose!

However, there are times when we advise that a seller wait to present their property to the buying public. The things that need to be done are just too large to do in a week or two. It’s worth it to get it right. You can only be “new” on the market once, and you don’t want to squander that opportunity!

Basement with plastic covered pool table
This space looks like it isn’t used often.
Well lit basement with furniture
Now it begs for visitors!
Bedroom with many beds and unorganized furniture
This doesn’t count as finished space. It’s so close though!
Bedroom with many beds and matching bed spreads
Now there is a proper, finished second story.

If you think that you might be ready to sell in the near future, contact us so one of our professional agents can help you get ready for your Close Up! ~ Wanda Boldon

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