The Legacy of Fishing.


We have hundreds of great lakes in Northwestern Wisconsin and on any given day, there is someone out fishing. The iconic fishing lakes like Yellow Lake, Clam Lake and Big McKenzie Lake are popular destination lakes for fishing. But our smaller less known lakes support a good fish population as well.

In a national study, people who participate in fishing do so because they have positive memories associated with spending time immersed in nature. They continue to participate in fishing because they feel it’s relaxing, they love catching fish and they enjoy the outdoors.


The study also showed that 84% of fishing enthusiasts participated in fishing as children, before the age of 12. So if you have any children in your life who need you to bait their hook, keep up the good work. You’re creating the future of fishing! If you’re looking for a good place to take kids fishing, the Wisconsin DNR says that one of the best places for fishing with kids is the Crooked Lake Fishing Pier in Siren, WI. There is also a nice picnic area at the Crooked Lake Park where you can take a break and get fortified. Isn’t summer fun? – Wanda Boldon