Yes You Can – Buy and Sell Real Estate.

This week, we were given the list of “essential” businesses that were allowed to continue during the duration of the Safer at Home Order by Wisconsin Governor Evers. Real estate services was one such business.

We’re fielding some confusion over what can and cannot be done right now. Like a lot of things, there are a variety of opinions and feelings on this topic. So here are some reasons why real estate transactions are indeed ESSENTIAL.

The decision to either sell or buy real estate is a long-term decision for those involved. It is generally tied to an important life change. Things like retirement, health changes, financial changes, marriage, divorce, family support, personal fulfillment and job relocation are just some of the reasons people make a decision to buy or sell a property.

Whether you’ve listed your property and are waiting for the right buyer to come along or are in the hunt for a property, the process can be lengthy. For instance, we are currently writing contracts with May closing dates. Yes, May! Spring is happening and for all of the people who are in the midst of a contract or transaction, delays in the culmination of that process can be costly to all parties.

Another element that plays a factor to many markets, not just ours in Northwestern Wisconsin, is the seasonal nature of real estate. There are seasonal windows throughout the course of the calendar year that are “go time” for real estate transactions. We are in the middle of an important window right now. Our Spring market is happening. We are listing properties, showing properties and having closings.

According to the order:

  1. Agents, buyers and sellers are allowed to travel around as long as the travel is related to real estate business.
  2. We are not exempt from social distancing.
  3. We are to use technology to aid in communications, drafting of contracts and marketing.
  4. Title companies have given us clear instructions as to how closings will be held to ensure the safety of all participants.

As agents in this market, our work is often a solo act. We evaluate vacant homes and cabins. We travel in our own cars and our buyers travel in theirs. We show properties that are vacant. Interaction with just a couple of people at a time is the norm and we find it easy to maintain proper social distancing. Listing contracts and Offers can be drafted and signed electronically. For our clients, who feel the urgency to either sell or buy real estate during this Spring market, we encourage them to do so. We are equipped to help, and to help safely.

There is one point of sensitivity in our small communities that should be touched upon – the coming and going of those who own cabins and second homes in this area. There is a concern that we do not have the medical resources to handle a large wave of COVID-19 patients. The other concern has to do with the depletion of supplies in our local stores for those who live here full-time. Perhaps one cabin owner this week had a solution that works for all – to travel straight to-and-from the cabin, with no stops in between. Common sense prevails. ~ Wanda Boldon

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