Properties for Sale with Great Fireplaces!

With many months of winter ahead of us, having a great fireplace to help soften the edges of reality is a wonderful thing! Let’s be honest – 25 degrees is still cold! I like reading in front of the fire and have recently begun to read recipe books for pleasure and inspiration. It makes for a cozy bit of leisure time.

This property on Sand Lake, near Minong has a brick wood burning fireplace that just begs for someone to open a book and sit for a spell. It even has a sauna to add a little variety to your winter life. Don’t worry, it has a wonderful sandy swimming area and a screen porch for summertime fun. Did I hear someone say “Ahhh”?

MLS# 880947 Sand Lake  $239,000
MLS# 880947 Sand Lake $239,000

Another fun thing to do in front of the fireplace is play games. I prefer the old school variety and love hearing someone say, “You sunk my battleship!” But there’s a new game that seems to have caught on with the Green Bay Packers players called Settlers of Catan. I haven’t played it yet, but could imagine they might enjoy playing in front of a roaring fire as well.

This fireplace at Point Lake offers plenty of room for several muscular people to get their game on. With more than 4 bedrooms and a 3 car garage, there are also plenty of places to park cars and rest your bones after the victory dances have been danced.

MLS# 879514 Point Lake  $255,000
MLS# 879514 Point Lake $255,000

The snow has been spotty this year, but there are certain areas that have more than others. So you can find a place to snowshoe and ski, it you put your mind to it. Just thinking about working up a sweat and then parking by the fireplace with a tasty beverage makes me want to strap on some skis!

It couldn’t be more easy on your post-workout body – flick the switch of this gas fireplace at South Twin Lake and sink into a chair. Don’t forget your beverage! If you need a little variety from this gorgeous natural stone, this property offers a brick wood burning fireplace as well. Don’t even get me started on the other bells and whistles. This place has it all!

MLS# 881885 South Twin Lake  $345,000
MLS# 881885 South Twin Lake $345,000

Hearth and home – words that warm the heart on the coldest of days. Memories of gathering with family and a radiating fireplace in the background are strong for many of us. Laughing, sharing life lessons, homework, story time and television time are all part of it.

This 5 bedroom home outside of Grantsburg offers a fireplace in a great room that will be the center of family life for years to come. With 10 acres and a large pole building for toys, there are a myriad of other family activities to be had that can build memories for a growing family.

MLS# 879417 Grantsburg Township $299,900
MLS# 879417 Grantsburg Township $299,900

If you’re interesting in seeing any of these properties, just give us a call or email us. We’re here to help (keep you warm)! – Wanda Boldon