It’s Screen Porch Season!

Once the pollen is down, it’s open season. It’s time to unbutton and open up the screen porch! There is a physical reaction when you open the screen porch – you breathe in deeply, exhale slowly and relax in the knowledge that Summer has arrived.

Screen porches are the quintessential seasonal space. They are to Summer, what a fireplace is to Winter and are a “must have” for many buyers. In fact one buyer recently told me they look for a screen porch first, and if none exists, they figure out where they could put one.

Screen porches are largely protected from the weather and elements, so they can house more comfortable furniture than a deck or patio. They offer shade and protection from the sun and keep the bugs from bugging you. They’re a place to have morning coffee and evening cocktails. (Does anything really happen in between those two in the Summer?) They’re also a great way to corral wandering toddlers.

Whether grand or humble, a screen porch is a place to add some humor, whimsy or creativity with your decorating choices. Light fixtures can make a personal statement and colors can be more avant garde.

From lake views to nature views, screen porches offer a connection to the sights and sounds of the outdoors with some of the creature comforts that make life easier. And Summer should be all about that – easy. ~ Wanda Boldon

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