Why a Cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin?


As we watch the magic of Mother Nature happen right before our very eyes, it seems so obvious to us why a person would want a cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin. So it was interesting to me when I recently met a nice couple in our office asking themselves out loud why they would want a cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin. “What would we do?”, they continued, as they volleyed their own answers back and forth, right before me. I wish I could have had a recorder to capture all of their candid and refreshing answers! I’ll make an attempt to recap what I heard.

  • Do Nothing! It would be so nice to have a place where we could go to do “nothing”, maybe have a nice view and a quiet setting.
  • I would like to fish. I wouldn’t need to be on the finest fishing lake, but it would be nice to have several options where I could take my boat and catch some fish.
  • It would be fun to have a place to go grab some food if we don’t feel like cooking.
  • We could have a place that is simple and suits just the two of us. But we could also have a place for guests to sleep, in case we would invite another couple for a weekend.
  • I would like some cute shops where I could buy a scented candle or some special candy.
  • We would walk and ride bikes on a trail or on some lesser traveled roads.



And as they finished their think-tank session, they knew they were in the right place. I could have told them that! – Wanda Boldon