Changes in Long-Term Ownership

The last "dock day".
The last “dock day” can be bittersweet.

One trend we’ve been experiencing lately is an abundance of people who have owned their property for 20, 30 and 40+ years and have decided it’s time for a change. Some have suddenly found themselves alone and can no longer care for the property by themselves. Others are just deciding that they need to sell in order to simplify their lives or to relocate to be closer to family.

Similarly, we’ve also had the honor of helping family members who’ve lost a loved one and face the challenge of selling a property that was a big part of the life of the person who is no longer with them. This involves respecting the wishes of the person who has passed away as well as the feelings of those they’ve left behind. They’re put in a position to find someone they can trust who can guide them through the process and we need to earn that.

For whatever the reason, it can be a sensitive time and a difficult transition for clients. It’s a great feeling to be a resource for them as they work through this change. We not only offer support and information about the selling process, but also provide references for services they may need to make it happen.

One interesting observation is that these properties tend to have been well cared for and are in great condition. There is a lot of pride that goes into owning and tending a property for the better part of your life. It’s a pleasure for us when we get involved! We enjoy representing quality homes and cabins and the next generation of owners is lucky to “inherit” these gems. Here are a few of our newest listings that fall into this trend. – Wanda Boldon

Rooney Lake - $289,000.
Rooney Lake – $289,000. Owned for 28 years.
Sand Lake Township - $285,000
Sand Lake Township – $285,000. Original land purchased in 1940.


Yellow River - $215,000
Yellow River – $215,000. Owned for 30 years.