Dock Day – a Farewell to Summer Fun.


It’s that time of year when anyone with a dock in the water reluctantly has to take it out. As much as you’d like to bury your head in the sand, you have to face the truth: winter is coming. It’s a lot like turning on the heat in your house once the weather gets cold – it’s an emotional game to see how long you can go before you just have to face it.


It’s not that it’s that difficult, it’s just sad. No one wants to let go of the dreamy, floaty days of Summer.


I’ve found that a lot of buyers are intimidated by how to put-in and take-out the dock. It’s nice for sellers to pass along a little tutorial on how they’ve done things over the years. Once you know how it goes, it’s not that difficult at all…unless you’re the cranks-woman. (Oh…maybe that’s just me.)


Once you’re done, there is a certain satisfaction that Mother Nature can do whatever she wants – until Springtime, when Dock Day can’t come soon enough! ~ Wanda Boldon


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