Pat Duffy’s Winter Sport

With the arrival of the Winter Olympic Games, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight winter sports and fitness opportunities. There are so many options available to stay healthy and active during the winter months Up North. We’re going to share a few with you throughout the month of February!


On most Sundays while there is solid ice on the lakes, you’ll find our agent, Pat Duffy, involved in ice racing on Clam Lake. Pat has a passion for racing cars that goes back many years and is fortunate to have found some like-minded friends – and competitors in the ice racing community.


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He had an opportunity to be the Driver for his team one week and was kind enough to share a video of the experience from inside the car. Check it out!
It happened to be at a moment when he was wedged off-course and thought he could very well flip the car over a snow embankment. Thankfully, he maintained good control, wasn’t injured and was able to continue to race that day.



If you’d like to experience the thrill of ice racing, slide over to Jed’s on Clam Lake every Sunday at noon. You can watch from inside the bar or get outside for a closer look. You can also get more information about becoming a racer, if you’re so inclined. You can’t beat them if you don’t join them! ~Wanda Boldon