Real Estate Services: Discover Your Property Value

I just met with an 85 year old man who’s owned his lake property for over 40 years. Some former clients of mine recommended he give me a call. He and his family have had many great years and experiences at the lake over the years. But he’s come to the conclusion that it’s time to start thinking about the next stage. He’s considering selling his lake home and getting a modest and easy-to-care-for place in the Twin Cities near his kids.

I’m so glad he called me before he charged ahead with any future plans. In making a change like this, it’s so smart to understand the true value of your property (based on relevant, recent comparable sales) so that you have a realistic expectation of what you can afford once you sell. We don’t charge a thing to help people understand their value and offer a comprehensive study of the current market so they can make solid decisions for their future. We do this with the hope that we’ll have an opportunity to help them sell when the time actually comes.

So often, over the years, I’ve met with folks who are interested in making a similar change, but they’ve made the mistake of putting the cart before the horse. They shop for their next residence and then tell me what they need to get out of their property in order to purchase the next place. It’s a wrong-headed approach and a way to set yourself up for disappointment.

Keep us in mind when it’s time to consider a life change like moving from your home. We’re here to help and enjoy seeing the process through to a successful end! You don’t have to hug us, but you can if you want! ~ Wanda Boldon