A Sign You’ve Chosen the Best

When you see a beautiful CENTURY 21 gold post sign on a property, you know the owners cared enough to choose the very best to represent them in the sale of their property.


It’s not easy caring for and keeping those gold posts beautiful. We’re lucky to have someone who looks after them for us. The care and custody of our gold posts is in the hands of Mr. Pumper, who takes pride in what the gold post stands for. He keeps them clean, organized and freshly painted, so that when it’s time to install one on your property, they look their best.



It won’t be long until the frozen tundra keeps us from installing our beautiful gold post signs and they’ll go into hibernation for the winter. Mr. Pumper will let them rest for a few months in the sign garage and will come back to check on them in the Spring. During that time, we’ll use their cousins, the metal step-in signs to showcase our newest listings. But rest assured, at the first signs of ground thaw, they will all be replaced with a beautiful gold post sign. – Wanda Boldon