Wisconsin Forests: Changing Leaves

Just when we thought Mother Nature was going to pass us by, the leaves started to change color! The sunny weekend ahead should make for a glorious play on the new color that’s beginning to surround us. Don’t miss it!


It also means that we’ll be raking our lawns in the near future. Count the number of trees on your property and take into account that the average healthy tree has around 200,000 leaves. Do the math and tell your muscles to gear up! It’s a great way to wipe away the guilt of too many pumpkin spice lattes! Of course, the oak trees will give you a break this Fall and will shed some of their leaves in the Spring once the new leaves push what remains out of the way. Such a deal!


Find a way to get Up North this weekend. You won’t regret what you see! – Wanda Boldon