2020 has been quite a ride for many people. Some have been able to make the most of things and continue to enjoy their lives, even with small alterations. Others have had their lives turned upside down and want off the merry-go-round. That’s what’s so interesting about right now. Situations, opinions and behaviors of people are more polarized and different than ever before. The minute you think one thing, you realize there is a completely different side to consider. The same thing goes for our current market conditions. Our market is very strong right now. We have a shortage of inventory and when an appropriately priced, neat and clean property comes on the market, it sells quickly. So…one would say to themselves, “why would a seller even need a Realtor in a market like this?” Good question! Let me introduce you to the other side the picture.

In a normal market, listing a property requires contract knowledge, personal relationship skills and beautiful, professional photo presentation by the listing agent. It also often requires a half pound of flesh to direct everything to the closing day! But now, in addition to all of that, our nuanced local expertise and our teaching skills are being called to action. We’re helping our sellers understand what they need to do to position their property to meet the market. This has become a critical concept for sellers to understand. The reason we’re making an extra effort to educate our sellers is so they can prepare themselves and their property for what’s to come once they hit the market and ultimately choose the best buyer for their situation. (Spoiler alert: It isn’t always the highest offer!)

Often, sellers tell us they know a neighbor or a friend who is interested in buying their property. Along with that, every real estate agent with a pulse is working with a broad spectrum of buyers who are ready to buy as well. So, one of the first topics of conversation we’re having with sellers is how to use the Power of the Market. We’re explaining how to attract the most buyers and how to bring in the best buyers.

If everything goes well, the launch of a new listing can result in a multiple offer situation, which can be confusing and overwhelming for everyone involved. Having a seasoned professional as a guide can help keep heads level and take away the anxiety of making the wrong decision. We help sellers see that offers are more than just a price on a piece of paper. They’re a total package. We’re helping sellers detect elements in an offer that could bring headaches down the road and choose the package that’s best for them. Because of our intense local knowledge and our years of experience, we bring confidence and assurance to this important decision.

Another way we’re bringing value to our sellers is to help manage buyers’ expectations. Just like with sellers, we’re also in “education mode” with buyers. We start by helping them understand and get familiar with our area so they can choose well for themselves. Because if a buyer has confidence that a property is a good match for their goals, they will be more inclined to write a strong offer. We also help buyers find the right lenders for the kind of property they desire. It’s no understatement to say that we have a market with unique and quirky properties. This is cabin country, after all! Sometimes special lending is required.

When a buyer decides to write an offer, many of the elements of the Offer to Purchase need to be specific to our area and to each given property if they have any chance of “winning” the property in a competitive situation. That’s why buyers who work with an out-of-town or inexperienced agent can end up NOT being well represented when they write their offer. That’s a loss for the buyer and a loss for the seller. If a buyer has proper, knowledgeable guidance, everyone wins.

If you’re thinking about selling your property in this current dynamic real estate market, DON’T SETTLE FOR AVERAGE. Get some help from an experienced agent who can help you have an extraordinary experience! ~ Wanda Boldon

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