Tesora’s Grand Opening Celebration in Siren, WI

If you hadn’t planned to come Up North this weekend, you should change your plans right now and come specifically for the Tesora Grand Opening Celebration in Siren Saturday night. They’re pulling out all the stops and planning a super, duper fun night that you’ll want to make a part of your Summer 2013 memories.


Here’s how you should plan your night: have dinner at Tesora or the Wood Shed (that’s where you get the wood fired pizza…thank me later), then collect all the friends you can herd into the Event Center at the back of the restaurants from 8:30-midnight. They’re going to have live music from 8:30-midnight, free appetizers and fireworks. Yes, I’m not kidding. The band they hired, “MVP” is a top 40/variety dance band with vocalists from major acts, like Prince and the New Revolution.


What a great way to showcase their facility and food! It’s a true gift from the owners, who just keep on giving us reasons to celebrate! ~ Wanda Boldon

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