Star Power.

Last night, when it was nearing the time to hit the sack and I was in the process of turning off lights, Dave rushed in from the deck, grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. He didn’t say a word, so my heart started to pound for fear that something was wrong. Once outside (and still in silence), he simply pointed to the sky. “Wow!!! What the heck!?! What a gift!” I squealed with amazement and exclaimed it was better than jewelry. The stars were twinkling so bright, it felt like mesmerizing magic. We could even see the Milky Way!

We’re so lucky to live in a place in the world where sites like that can be witnessed. Nothing gets in the way of our darkness – no light pollution, no visual barriers. Our moon seems to beam brighter and our stars sparkle in a way that makes you want to reach out and touch them.

It was a good reminder to clean my rings. ~Wanda Boldon

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