The Role of Dams Northwestern Wisconsin

If you’re shopping for waterfront property on any of the waterways in the area where the water level is controlled by a dam, you may notice a change in the shoreline as the colder months approach. When the winter months arrive, the water levels on dammed lakes and rivers are lowered to prevent any type of ice damage to the shoreline and homes as well as the dams themselves. It’s also a way to prepare for the warmer weather in the Spring, when melting ice and snow along with Spring rains can cause the water levels to rise drastically.

The changing water levels can also affect beaver and muskrat homes. When the water level rises, it can cause debris from their homes to break way and plug dams, leading to expensive repairs to the dams.

When water levels are lowered, it can expose parts of the shoreline not normally seen during the summer months, which is usually a less beautiful visual. But it’s an important measure that protects the shoreline, cabins and wildlife and doesn’t take away from the recreational fun on Northern Wisconsin lakes and rivers.

Clam Dam at the Clam Dam Part
Clam Dam at the Clam Dam Park

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