Ten Reasons We “Heart” Up North.

Happy Valentines Day! We love what we do and there’s no doubt that loving where we live has something to do with that. Here are 10 reasons from our team…

  1. I love the strength and compassion of our small communities. ~ Trish Needham
  2. I love the way I can drive for miles and miles and not run into any traffic!! ~ Dave McNulty
  3. I love that the pace of life is so civilized…so much more than “civilization”. ~ Wanda Boldon
  4. I love the fresh air and no traffic, birds singing and no traffic, great friends & acquaintances and no traffic, peace & quiet and no traffic. ~ Pat Duffy
  5. I love a lifetime of summer memories at the lake. ~ Dave Boldon
  6. I love just standing outside my cabin at midnight seeing a millions stars — makes you feel can touch the stars. ~ Mary Clements
  7. I love photography, and on any given day, I have wild life and beautiful scenery to shoot. ~ Nancy Oakes
  8. I love the quiet, solitude and beauty of all the seasons that make this a special place to live. ~ Cathy Schmidt
  9. I love peaceful pontoon rides on the lake at sunset. ~ Tom Peterson
  10. I love that neighbors help neighbors.  Regardless of how far away your next neighbor might be, you’re there for them and they’re here for you. ~ Karen Wiggins

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