Well Known CENTURY 21 Office in Siren, WI Gets a Facelift.


If you’ve been by our office this winter and more specifically in the last month, you can see we have a few construction projects underway. Our log building has been well loved by our clients and customers over the years. We even have people stop in just to check out the inside. They tell us they’ve been driving by for years and have always wanted to see inside! We love working in such a warm and wonderful environment every day too, so it’s important to us to take good care of what we have!


This winter, we had to let go of the old shake shingles and had a new roof system built that was more energy efficient. Then, this Spring, we had the entrance rebuilt to improve access from the parking lot. Now we’re waiting for some new landscaping that will include a patio area in the front. After that’s complete, we’ll have the old gal stained a consistent color and have the front door painted (drum roll)…CENTURY 21 Gold! ~Wanda Boldon


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