It’s Alive!

I mustered up the courage to look in my screen porch when I came home from work last night. It was dark and I was home alone, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to face it, but curiosity got the best of me. I opened the door and turned on the lights but didn’t enter more than a couple of steps. It was crushing to see the mess. There were wood chards all over the floor and squirrel kaka all over my special surfaces. Ish! What kind of crazed, mangy squirrel would do this and was the gene pool passed on to other generations that will be living in my yard? I could here the wind cut through the shredded canvas shade and felt so sad. Then I heard a slight scuffling noise and saw a gray bushy tail pop out of one of the chairs. Eek! There was a live one in there! Ohhhhh!

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