Upcoming Events.

If you’re looking for some mid-winter fun while you’re at the cabin this weekend, there are a few events you might want to check out.

Feb. 6: Fort Folle Avoine – Family Fun Day – 10am-4pm. Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park is located on 80 wooded acres along the Yellow River near Danbury, Wisconsin. The park is a living history site where reconstructed fur trade posts occupy the actual sites where they were once operated from 1802 to 1805, alongside an authentic Woodland Indian Village. More information is available on their web site: www.theforts.org.

Feb. 6: Webb Lake Ice Fishing Contest – Oak Ridge Inn – 10am-2:30pm. It will be interesting to see what they pull out of Webb Lake this weekend. Last weekend the winner of the Burlingame Ice Fishing Contest caught a 5 lb. 10 oz. bass. Can Webb Lake produce something more? We’ll be waiting with “baited breath.” Have a great weekend!

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