All Creatures Great and Small.

It’s not easy keeping your windshield clean this time of year! The flying creatures of the world are hatching and multiplying all around us. This week on our Property Tour we saw some incredible moths at one of our new listings, including a Luna Moth. (That’s the moth that you might recognize from the Lunesta commercial.) They are giant silk moths with a wing span of 3-8 inches and only live for a week. So we feel very lucky to have seen two in one place.

In addition to the two Luna moths, there was a small village of other moths close by. Word must have gotten out about the great “eats” at this location.

One of our CENTURY 21 team members witnessed a large hatch of dragonflies emerge from Crescent Lake this week and was fascinated by the metamorphosis as they cracked out of their beetle-like shells and became the creature that we love – mosquito eating machines!!! They are the fastest insect in the world, which is a wonderful thing based on the service they provide!

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