The Year End Results are In…

The Sales Leader Again!
The Sales Leader Again!

…and we’ve done it again! We’re proud to be the area’s sales leader for 2011! Our team works hard to be the experts and the most effective agents in our area and it’s so gratifying when we outperform companies with even more agents.

We were also thrilled to discover that for the first time since 2005, there was a slight uptick in overall sales for our area from the previous year. That’s on par with the year end results for the state of Wisconsin as well. Woo! Hoo! We’ve been watching that number drop for too many years and breathed a collective sigh of relief when we saw what happened. I don’t think we’re going to see sales volumes and prices run off the charts, but it’s definitely a positive sign!

We’ve recently had more buyers than we’ve seen in YEARS ask about lakeshore lots. We haven’t seen many buyers for that category in the last few years because there were so many good options available with homes and cabins that were already built. Seeing a renewed interest in the vacant lot category is another reason to celebrate. That means buyers are looking to potentially build in the near term or invest for the future. Either way, it’s a push toward “Good”!

Finally, the lack of snow this winter has helped our activity with buyers. It’s easier to get around and easier to see the properties available. If the mild winter continues, we should have a nice start to 2012!

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