Fourth of July Family Traditions

During those blissful moments, the tear filled memories and the never-forget-rolling-on-the-floor laughing moments, we can’t forget family holidays and get-togethers with embarrassing photos and connected moments.

I asked the CENTURY 21 staff to share some of their family stories, photos and memories that they have done over the Fourth of July. With matching t-shirts, campfires and running away from fireworks, all of us have memories to remember from our Fourth of July experiences that we can’t wait to reminisce about this upcoming Fourth of July holiday.


“Since our office is next door to the firework place, we have had access to BIG stuff. We launch the fireworks at the end of the dock which does not provide much room to run. We have had many near mishaps over the years and built various contraptions so we can shoot more off at once. Our big goal is not to shoot any big bombs at the audience – again.” –Dave Boldon


“We try to gather as many siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and significant pets at our cabin to spend the holiday enjoying the lake. We have so many boats, kayaks, sailboats, and people in the water that a new neighbor once asked if we ran a summer camp!” –Cathy Schmidt


“When I was a lot younger, my family enjoyed gatherings at my uncle and aunts lake cabin, watching the local fireworks on the lake and the boat parade.” –Tom Peterson

july 4 09 043

“I remember sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows with family at dusk when my brother-in-law emerged from the shadowy woods playing random clarinet music. No one knew he owned a clarinet, but we certainly knew he couldn’t play! It was an image that will be forever a part of my Fourth of July memories at Prinel Lake!” –Wanda Boldon

July 4th 084

“When I was younger, my entire family would gather on Devils Lake to decorate my grandpa’s pontoon for the Devils Lake Boat Parade. Some years we went all out decorating every inch of our boat with the kids trailing behind on tubes. It was fun riding around the lake waving and honking the horn while eating food with all the cousins.” –Billie Ingalls


“My wife and I have a tendency to go to whichever of the events sound like the most fun. If nothing available trips out trigger, we’ll just head out on the boat for the day.” –Pat Duffy

“The Fourth of July is our family event for us at the lake. I make homemade ice-cream, hotdogs, hamburgers and of course watermelon. My homemade ice-cream sometimes takes toooo long, so one time my son decided to give it a burst and added some store bought vanilla ice-cream, never telling me. I thought it was the best homemade ice-cream I’d ever made!” –Mary Clements

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