Friday Nights are Back!

The loss of Friday Night Wine Bars at the Chattering Squirrel has long left us groping for a good alternative for a respectable glass of wine, delicious bites of food and a cozy, personal environment to enjoy them. We welcome the discovery of Full of Beans Coffee Cafe and Wine Bar at the corners of Hwy A&H. The service is personal and friendly, the wine selections are delicious and fun and the food has a homey Italian theme that is a winner for most palates. They even offered Fat Tire beer for the non-wine drinker in our group, which I’m told is unusual. We sat in a clubby, red booth and let the concerns of the day float away – an excellent alternative to a Calgon moment for those who don’t care to get wet.  I was also intrigued by the numbers of people who came in for carry-out pizza, pot pies or pastries. Yum! Something for everyone! I recommend trying this place. The place has a good vibe that’s not easy to come by.

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