High Water Continues Into Fall 2016


If you have any connection with waterfront property in Northwestern Wisconsin, you know that the high water conditions persist. It all began with an upward trend in the water level below ground and then built from the numerous heavy rains that fell throughout the Summer months. We won’t likely see “normal” water levels for another year or two.



What does that mean to any of us? Well, some will be pleased that cropped trousers are still in fashion. Others will be glad for the new wetlands and wildlife habitats that have been created. On the other hand, some folks are mourning the loss of the land at their properties that used to be called “beach” and can’t find enough high ground to get their docks out of the water. But worse, we fear that many of our mature trees that used to reside along the water’s edge will be lost because they are now “up to their knees” in water.


One thing we know for sure, we don’t have any control over any of it. Every day there is something beautiful and something to appreciate here. But every day something changes. Such is life! – Wanda Boldon