Pine Lodge Restaurant Excels.

\\Memorial Day is right around the corner and that will leave a lot of families wanting to explore the area for new places to eat. The Pine Lodge Restaurant at the Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat is worth finding! There isn’t anything like it in the area.

Located just East of the Webb Lake area on Hwy 77, this gem is sure to create a loyal following for those looking for a special meal, professional table service and a comfortable dining ambiance with peaceful natural views. The reasonable prices won’t hurt your feelings either.

The sign for the Heartwood Retreat and Conference Center is easily spotted from Hwy 77. When you turn off the highway, prepare yourself for a long drive through the property to get to the restaurant. There are signs directing you, so just follow them and let your stress fall away as you make your way to the restaurant. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a black bear that was created by a chainsaw artist from a tree that was located on the property.

The management gods at Heartwood were able to score a talented young chef who is originally from the area, but returns with CIA training and experience beyond his 25 years. Zac Benson not only brings well prepared, delicious food to Pine Lodge but also has a welcoming demeanor for any diners who have the pleasure to meet him.

The menu offers plenty of choices. The walleye cakes are flavorful and delicate and if you pair them with the lobster mac and cheese, you’ll never think of comfort food the same again. Another favorite is the beef short rib fettuccine – and that’s homemade fettuccine of course. When it arrives, you may ask yourself if you can finish. Silly voices in your head – you can and you will!

The only thing that falls short of my own expectations is the wine list. Although not horrible, the food deserves some better options and so do the diners. I’m hoping they have plans to cellar a few bottles for those who want to enjoy something a little more special. I could certainly make myself available for the selection process!

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