Round Man Brewing Co., Spooner, WI

I don’t drink beer. Breweries and brew pubs don’t turn my head. But I
like to feel happy and in the hands of skilled hospitality. I love seeing,
smelling and eating great food. I applaud hard working and energetic business
owners. This place turns my head.

Round Man Brewing Co coming soon sign
This pretty much sums it up.

Round Man Brewing Co inside with long bar filled with people
Yes, please!

The Round Man Brewing Co. opened last Fall and has taken the food and beverage experience in our area to another level. It’s in the iconic Dahl’s Home Store location on Walnut Street, a transformed space that combines warm, historic features, industrial mass, intelligent art and colorful energy.

Brewery tap disguised as pipe coming from wall
18 Taps, 8 Signature Brews

Brewery sign with old fashioned man smoking a cigar
Great visuals everywhere.

Inside brewery showing how they make the beer
Magic happens here.

Brewery kitchen staff talking by the orders
Magic happens here too.

But more than the tangible, it’s the people who truly bring the place to
life. The entire Churchill family works and is involved with the enterprise and
you can feel that connectedness. Under that roof, everyone feels like they’re a
part of the Churchill family – guests and servers alike.

Spencer Churchill with his parents Sue and Jeff Churchill
Spencer Churchill with his parents, Sue and Jeff

It’s a well-oiled machine. The service from every single person is
friendly and expedient. The food is beautifully plated, with fresh new flavors.
It’s a come-as-you-are atmosphere, where
you can relax and let them do all the heavy lifting. Except they make the experience
look fun and effortless, which is the sign of massive effort and energy being
poured into the operation.

Crabcake with asparagus and lemon as a special Mardi Gras item
Crabcake – part of a special Mardi Gras menu

Smoked Duck Nachos
Smoked Duck Nachos

Shrimp Etouffee with rice and bread as a Marti Gras item
Shrimp Etouffee – part of a special Mardi Gras menu

Book with handwritten customer reviews
Pages and pages of love.

Bottled brewery beer in cooler for purchase srcset=
Take me home and I’ll growl for you.

Oh, and they serve wine too. ~ Wanda Boldon

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