Happy, Happy Holidays!

Is it just me or is everyone “extra special happy” this year? Happy Holidays 2009!Everywhere I turn, the spirit seems to be extra special giving, extra special smiling, extra special gracious. I love it! In a year, where we have all become numb to hearing how bad things have gotten, it’s so uplifting to see that people do rise above and care for each other in the most basic sense.

It appears that the lakes are frozen and frozen enough for snowmobile travel, but no cars or trucks yet. I hope my son-inlaw plans to do some ice fishing on our lake while he is visiting for the holidays. It’s always fun to have someone else do the work and then go visit the fishing site to “see how it’s going”. It’s also a great way for housebound children who are full of sugar from holiday goodies to burn some extra energy. Adults too!

Once it gets cold and snowy, we initially tend to be shy about going outside to embrace the environment. But do yourself a favor, bundle up and just get out for a bit. Chrisi was telling me the other day that she forgot how much she loves winter running. It made me wonder why I never run outside in the winter. I’m not a whiner when it comes to the cold, but it’s the darkness. We’re never home when it’s light outside. It sounds like a simple headlamp could take away my excuse. I will contemplate that option and let you know!

Whatever your activity, we hope you enjoy it with a smile on your face and a light in your heart. It’s a wonderful time of the year and that includes coming Up North for all the fun you can muster! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the whole CENTURY 21 family.

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