Resilient Pioneers – A Closing Story.

Dave McNulty
Dave McNulty

I recently caught up with Dave McNulty to ask him about one of his closings. I’d heard the sellers had an exceptional background and wanted to know more about them.

Dave told me one of the sellers spent two years in a concentration camp in Europe and actually witnessed his own father being shot. After finding a way out, they wanted to escape oppression and came to America to find a better life. They settled in Chicago with no family for support or guidance and made a living for themselves after starting with nothing.

In the 1960’s, they moved to Big McKenzie Lake to make it their home. They were among the original inhabitants of the lake and loved the untouched aspects and natural beauty of the area. They bought a resort on the lake and worked for almost 25 years before they sold it and moved into their retirement home…on Big McKenzie Lake. Five years ago, they bought a lot and built a new home for themselves…again, on Big McKenzie Lake. This couple had such a rich history on the lake and every time they met, Dave marveled at the things they shared with him. They brought their resilient spirit to the Northland to become pioneers in the history of Big McKenzie Lake! Dave felt honored that he was able to help them continue. ~Wanda Boldon

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