The Original Hole-In-One.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! I’m sure there were a few fathers on the golf course enjoying the day and there were probably even more who watched the U.S. Open. Wasn’t it fun to see the kid play with all the experienced pros? And how lucky do you have to be to get a hole-in-one at the U.S. Open? Cool!

But what about the original hole-in-one? The outhouse! The official and more dignified name is privy. But that seems like such a girly name for something that is so revered by men. I feel like you have to drink tea from a cup with your pinky in the air to say the word “privy” properly.

If there is an outhouse at a property I’m showing, most men think it’s an asset. Most women scrunch their nose and want it gone. True, most men I know enjoy taking a nature break in the great outdoors amidst the creatures of the woods. But when that’s not completely feasible, the outhouse is a close second.

We’ve seen so many unique and creative outhouses over the years that I started to take pictures when I come across a great one. My only regret is not having captured one on Silver Lake near Siren. It had a window pane from the IDS Building in Minneapolis that provided a large one way view into the woods for the occupant. If you have a great outhouse from our area, send me a picture! Here are some that I’ve seen lately.

Outhouse built out of logs in the forestHaus a rest sign sticking out of the corner of a buildingInterior of outhouse with toilet seat and lanternOuthouse with two toilet seats next to each otherOuthouse with plastic toilet and white wallsBright red mini barn turned outhouseOuthouse small sink next to small window with curtainExterior of light brown outhouse with asymmetrical roof


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