The Holidays Up North

On one hand, winter has been kind to us this year. We haven’t had much snow or cold weather to challenge our robust-ness. But on the other hand, the lack of snow and cold have kept many from enjoying outdoor winter sports and recreation. Thankfully, we had a gentle touch of winter over the holidays to make it feel festive and fun!


Our grandkids arrived early, so we crafted a “Welcome Up North” banner and cut paper snowflakes to greet the rest of the family when they arrived. It’s been a long time since I’ve cut paper snowflakes and wielded a glue stick, but it was a lot like riding a bike – wear the right clothes and know your limits.


We were graced with a beautiful dusting of snow that offered the perfect opportunity for snow angels and snow eating. The flakes were big, so they were easy to inspect for fun patterns.



The other thing the snow offered was the opportunity to burn some brush piles in what we affectionately call “the sculpture garden”. Like many others around us, we have piles and piles of brush to burn as a result of the wind storm that came through in July. What a great feeling to knock off a few piles. It’s very therapeutic!


It was a joyful holiday season, full of many simple pleasures and we look forward to much of the same in the new year. We hope the same for you!

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