Update on the Minong Flowage Dam


The wait is almost over! According to the latest newsletter from the Minong Flowage Association (www.minongflowage.org), the reconstruction of the Minong Flowage Dam is on schedule. The spillway is constructed to a level that allows the construction to move into Phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 is the actual reconstruction of the current structure. The walkway has been removed from the old structure and they are working to resurface the concrete.

This month, the crews are expected to replace the old gate system, walking platform and concrete apron on the old dam. There will also be a placement of rip-rap along the shoreline as well as new sheet piling next to the powerhouse. Crews are planning to start refilling the flowage in early to mid-November. The current goal for the project will be to have the water level back or close to normal before ice is on.  Can I get a “Yahoo”?!?

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