Building face lift at CENTURY 21 is complete!

resizedAt last – after being under construction for almost a year, our exterior projects are complete! It seemed to take forever, starting with a complete new roof system last winter, rebuilding our deck and entrance in the Spring, re-landscaping our lot this summer and painting the exterior this Fall, but we’re so pleased with the results and feel it was definitely worth the wait.

The biggest bug-a-boo was finding the right shade of yellow-gold for the front door. In my mind, it should have been as easy as matching a paint chip to our CENTURY 21 gold, but in matters of paint, it isn’t as simplistic as one might think. Our painter deserves an award for his patience and perseverance in working with us (me) to arrive at the right shade. Applause!

We want to thank all of our customers, vendors and the whole CENTURY 21 Team for being patient with our mess over the last year and hope that our efforts to maintain and restore our building will ensure that this iconic beauty that we get to call “home” for our work life will be standing for many years to come…with a large CENTURY 21 sign in front! ~ Wanda Boldon


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