Driveway Fix for Washouts


Most people Up North have gravel driveways. They’re rustic and natural looking and are relatively inexpensive to maintain, compared to an asphalt drive. But after all the heavy rains we’ve experienced lately, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about driveway washouts. Yes, when you feel like you’re going to lose your entire car in a washout, it’s time for a repair.


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to wear a rut into a gravel driveway. But once the groove is in place, it’s like a runaway train and doesn’t improve on its own. The nice folks at Hopkins Sand and Gravel can bring a load of road gravel for $9.20 per ton for repairs, or – they have a product called recycled asphalt that offers a solution that falls somewhere in between road gravel and a full blown asphalt drive for only $14.90 a ton. It’s recycled asphalt that’s been ground up and is a great stabilizer for the kind of rolling terrain that we see around here. It could be worth trying and your car will thank you! – Wanda Boldon