Prepare Your Property: A Fall Checklist

If you own property Up North, you’re likely in the process of getting things in shape before winter rolls around. So are we! We’ve put together a checklist of things that are commanding our attention. Hopefully it can be a helpful reference in order to avoid any problems in the months ahead. Those who avoid headaches in advance get to play more in the future! – Wanda Boldon

  • -Pull in boats and dock.
  • -Stow away outdoor furniture.
  • -Pull screens from windows, put up storm windows and clear gutters.
  • -Clear leaves and pine needles away from structures.
  • -Stage firewood.
  • -Winterize any pipes or hoses that may be vulnerable to freezing.
  • -Check your heating system to be sure it’s in good working order.
  • -Cover your septic drain field if it’s exposed.
  • -Line up someone to plow snow.
  • -Add reflector rods around the edge of the areas you want plowed.
  • -Find someone to watch your property if you don’t plan to be here.
  • -Keep your property on the market if it’s listed. The first day of Spring is January 2nd.