Did You Blink?

The gun hunting season started so unseasonably mild. I wondered about the hanging carcasses at various deer camps that I pass along the way to the office and whether the temperatures at night were enough to keep them from spoiling.

Two boys smiling and sitting by a large firepit

It was so mild that I told my Thanksgiving guests to be sure and bring a light jacket so we could sit outside during the day. We even had a campfire going, where my 6 year old nephew could practice his whittling skills with his new pocket knife. What a gorgeous afternoon to share our beautiful lakeside atmosphere with our family! And then I blinked.

In about the time it took me to finish off the last dishes that were to be served for Thanksgiving Dinner, the whole scene changed. Freezing rain turned to ice, which then turned to 4 inches of heavy snow. Even though we were ill prepared, it was a breath-taking site. Big, chunky snowflakes fell from the sky and created a perfect background for a warm evening meal with the family.

Geese in the middle of a foggy lake

I think the weather took these swans by surprise as well! If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was quite possible they froze right into the first layer of ice! That’s how fast things can change. Welcome winter! ~ Wanda Boldon

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