April (Snow) Showers in Northwestern WI

Clam Lake, Siren, WI
Clam Lake, Siren, WI

As you can see from the pictures at the Clam Lake boat launch park, the end of our winter has not been a picnic…or a walk in the park!

DSCN7437 DSCN7431

We got an estimated 14-17 inches of snow with the last snowstorm. But fear not – it’s melting fast! The prediction at the lunch table today has most of it melted by Tuesday of next week. Hmmm, that’s a bold and aggressive prediction, but I like it!


The ice is pulling away from the shore on Clam Lake, but we are still far from ice out. Even so, the birds and fowl are returning and enjoying the open areas that exist. We saw a pair or wood ducks swimming in a wetland near our home the other night and it was very uplifting!


We’re two weeks away from the Wisconsin Fishing Opener and we’d like to see boat launches like this one on Clam Lake open and snow-free for all the fishing folk. Come on Mother Nature, show us some sun! ~ Wanda Boldon